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Publisher: HK Yanto Yan - The Hong Kong Indian Lifestyle Portal
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YantoYan simply means Indian in Cantonese.

But YantoYan has more meaning, it is the power of a number of us Indians who have either come here for work, were born here or have in one way or the other come to call Hong Kong their true home. It’s also about anyone who loves India, it’s about us.

We at HKYantoYan.com are also one of these, and we understand the importance of having a community close together. Every day Hong Kong springs up something new. Be it a new boutique, a new restaurant or a nightclub in LKF, there is always a new story. What we aspire to do is to create a common platform for all these stories to be read and shared amongst all.

We wish to combine the vast talents of people who have come from different walks of life to write about all the things that matters to the YantoYan’s.

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    Publisher: HK Yanto Yan - The Hong Kong Indian Lifestyle Portal
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    Advertise Our Mission HKYantoYan.com mission is to create unity amongst people of the South East Asian origin from all over the world. The Indians in Hong Kong are divided by the region from which they came from. What we try to do is to get everyone together to celebrate our unity and uniqueness in Hong Kong. Specially now, when we have a huge Indian diaspora from the professional services sector like Banking, Marketing and Insurance come to Hong Kong to live. Our community is becoming strong in number and in power. At HKYantoYan.com, the readers get a very organic and real content. Be it about the events happening in Hong Kong, the news from India, Bollywood movie releases in Hong Kong and also various Indian and non-Indian restaurant reviews. As Indians, we like to eat, travel and use products and services from India and also around the world. With our website and our FaceBook page, we create a unique hub for the Indian community to come to one place and read, share and contribute information that interests us. If you are looking advertise to Indians in Hong Kong, you will find HKYantoYan.com a very progressive marketing and advertising platform. We have a combined marketing and advertising experience of over 30 years in Hong Kong and grass root connections with the young generation. Please get in touch with us here for any Advertising enquiry.
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