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Publisher: Home Cooking Memories - Las Vegas Blogger | Recipes | Cooking | Baking | Recipe Keeping
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    Publisher: Home Cooking Memories - Las Vegas Blogger | Recipes | Cooking | Baking | Recipe Keeping
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    Home Cooking Memories is a family food blog that not only shares creative & easy recipes that are making memories in my home, but also shares modern-day recipe keeping techniques and ideas so you can preserve your own food & recipe memories. As a food blogger who is passionate about having fun in the kitchen and creating memories with food, I have several services that I offer for companies and brands who are wishing to expand their reach. I am available for: Recipe Development: Most of the recipes on Home Cooking Memories are my own recipes that I have created. If you would like to speak with me about creating a recipe using your product(s), please feel free to contact me. Product Ambassador: I am available to represent your brand on a more long term basis through product ambassadorship. Sponsored Posts & Marketing Campaigns: I enjoy working with companies where I can creatively share products in a sponsored posts, generally through recipes I create. Advertising: Home Cooking Memories hosts up to 3 advertisements on its pages and they are available for advertisers on a monthly basis Blog or Food Conventions: If you would like me to represent your brand at a blogger or food conventions contact me to see how I can be of service to you. Local Las Vegas Events: As a local Las Vegas blogger, I am available for events in Las Vegas. Depending on your needs, I am available for sharing and promoting your event before, during, and after on Home Cooking Memories and/or in my social media outlets. Brand Events and Sponsored Travel: Just as I enjoy making memories at home, I also enjoy memory making opportunities away from home. I’d love to speak with you regarding sponsored travel events or writing about travel experiences.
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