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HotChalk is a leading provider of education technology and services. The Silicon Valley company provides turnkey solutions for universities going online with professional degrees for working professionals. HotChalk leverages data and technology to support all phases of the student life cycle, and enables industry-leading student retention and graduation rates.

We believe professors still matter. We believe degrees still matter. And we believe the Internet can make higher education better.

Not just more accessible.

Not just more affordable.

Not just more convenient.

Just better.

To learn more, visit www.HotChalk.com.

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    Publisher: HotChalk Education | Every Mind Matters
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    We have the largest global Internet-based education audience in the world. By providing free education content online – focused on but not limited to the Common Core – we’re alleviating financial pressures unnecessarily placed on publishers, students, parents and teachers. The extensive, carefully selected content provided on our publisher network supports every phase of education, from pre-school through grade 12 – and even post-secondary and post-graduate topics. LEARN MORE Empowering Publishers The HotChalk Education Network is committed to supporting publishers that provide free educational content for students, parents and teachers. Being part of the Education Network solves distribution issues and allows our publishers to spend their time and expertise creating additional educational content and resources, in order to improve educational outcomes everywhere. JOIN OUR NETWORK Corporate Social Responsibility We don’t believe technology can or should replace teachers. Rather, we believe leveraging technology to support and enhance the impact of each teacher will improve education outcomes. The HotChalk Education Network’s Corporate Social Responsibility Program is focused on delivering technology to schools and classrooms to help educators teach the Common Core. Our campaigns align with other corporate social responsibility efforts across the nation to support students, parents and teachers from early education into college.
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