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    Hi! My name is Dwija. Yes, really. But you can call me dweej. Or Dwij. Thanks so much for stopping by! This blog started a little bit by accident as a way to share our misadventures in fixing up our fixer-upper that we bought sight unseen off the internet. Because when your in-laws (and this is an important tip) read a facebook update about you finding snakes in your kitchen walls, you'll be all "Hahahaha! Isn't that wacky?" and they'll be all "Ohsweetbabyjeezus, my grandchildren are going to get eaten by wild boars! Or snakes! As it were!" So you start a blog so everyone can get the whole story and they don't imagine a shanty and an outhouse and then start praying novenas to the patron saint of People Getting Some Sense Knocked into Them. Read on for my life story, told in the third person to make me seem fancy: Dwija Borobia was born a Hare Krishna and spent her childhood moving from state to state and country to country keeping her parents company and becoming very good at packing light. But the Holy Spirit is clever, so she enrolled at the University of Dallas and converted to Catholicism at the ripe old age of 19. At which point she removed her nose ring and promptly got married. In the summer of 2010, her husband quit his job in California. They bought a house in rural Michigan sight-unseen off the internet for $27,000 and moved their family across the country. Now she spends her days homeschooling their five kids and renovating their project house on a zero dollar budget. She doesn't want to be famous. She just wants you to be happy. Really happy. The kind of happy she always imagined she could be but didn't know how to be until Mary found her and dragged her to Jesus and then her life and the idea of joy finally made sense.
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