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I Believe That Dreams Can Come True
Publisher: I Believe That Dreams Can Come True
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"I BELIEVE THAT DREAMS CAN COME TRUE" is a community project, taken on by Tay and Val, with the intentions to:

* Spread the belief that dreams can come true
* Share stories of people's personal dreams
* Inspire dreams

As film-makers, our dream is to tell stories of love, life and hope; stories that inspire. This dream got lost amongst deadlines, budgets and expectations when we were working as full-time TV Producers/Directors. A chance encounter with an old man in Taiwan reminded us, "Once upon a time, we all had dreams..."

We made a decision to abandon our traditional TV business, sell everything we own and go collect people's dreams all over the world, on our bicycles. Using our skills in story-telling, we want to document stories of people taking that first step towards their dreams, people en route chasing their dreams, and people already living their dreams on videos, photos and writing; and then share these stories on our website - www.ibelievethatdreamscancometrue.com

One Dream Shared, One Dream inspired.

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    Publisher: I Believe That Dreams Can Come True
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    Thank you for your interest in sponsoring our content, in reaching out meaningfully to a keen international audience; and above all, for wanting to inspire. We believe that with every dream shared, another gets inspired. And through your sponsorship, we will be able to continue our travels and documentations, we will be able to keep producing content on this website, we will be able to continue to inspire. Currently, we have the option of inserting a 10-seconds preroll at the beginning of your choice of video(s). For more details, please drop us an email with your contact details, and we will get in touch as soon as possible.
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