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This website was created with the intention of presenting the best free software available all over the web. We are firm believers in the fact that there is a free software out there for almost anything that a paid software can do. Armed with this belief, we search the web for best free software and include it here. This website is for completely free software, and not trial versions of paid software. All the software that are posted on the website are completely free and legal. We do not post any cracks.

Long time back, free software use to be a poor replica of paid counterpart. Not anymore. Now, free software can be as good as, or even better than paid versions. An example of this is OpenOffice – our favorite Office suite. It is already amazing, and becoming better day by day.

For all the software that we include here, we provide a download link that points to the program page itself. We do not host any download file on our website. Main reason for this is that we want our readers to always get latest updated version of the software and not an old copy that we might be hosting on our website. And the best place to get latest version is right from publisher’s website.

This website was created because of our passion about blogging, in general. We chose the topic of free software because this is what we love, and consider ourselves to be small experts in this field.

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    Publisher: I Love Free Software || Free Software
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    Best free software available all over the web. The free software categories include Windows Software, Social Networking Tools, and software installation videos.
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