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I'mperfect Life
Publisher: I'mperfect Life | Real Food. Real Fitness. Real Life.
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    Publisher: I'mperfect Life | Real Food. Real Fitness. Real Life.
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    I’mperfect Life is a personal blog created by me, Andrea! It’s where I share, ramble and rant about topics that are important to me and my healthy lifestyle change. I hope that you will find my recipes delicious, my rambling entertaining and my rants helpful. The basic principles that I try to live by in my I’mperfect Life are the following: 1) Always forgive myself for choices I’m not proud of. Whether they are choices I made 15 years ago, every day for the past 15 years or a choice I made 15 minutes ago– I forgive myself and move on. Guilt is only a burden that brings me down and can easily snowball into more choices I’m not proud of, leaving me to feel like a failure and giving up. 2) I surround myself with people, things, and activities that make me feel good about myself and others. 3) I eat foods that I enjoy, those that nourish my body and help me achieve my goals MOST of the time. I enjoy foods that don’t necessarily help me achieve my goals but that I REALLY enjoy SOME of the time. 4) I follow a fitness plan that makes me feel good and make it a priority. I set fitness goals for myself and focus on training to meet those goals. 5) I’ve come to understand that this is a lifestyle. Life is about living. Sometimes that includes foods that aren’t necessarily healthy, days that aren’t necessarily active and experiences that aren’t necessarily pleasant; that’s okay–that’s just part of life. I just don’t give up, I never give up! For more details about my philosophy on Real Food. Real Fitness. Real Life. Real Success. Check out these links!
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