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We regret to inform this group that we will be shutting down CBD Crowd Funding until further notice. Our intentions were good, but it seems that no one is actually "donating" to any cause. This means even the patient's friends and family are still uncomfortable donating to help patients purchase REAL medicine.

It seems that others may still view these patient's pleas as just a mean to "get someone else to pay for their weed" and not for the reasons we began this project over 6 months ago; to help them get the "medicine" they need.

As CBD and MMJ continue to grow in acceptance as real medicines, we may launch again at another time. For now though, as much as we hoped to help others with our fund raising platform, we cannot continue to afford to pay the monthly expenses needed to continue this website and platform.

We will maintain this LinkedIn page as a means of contact.

We sincerely wish all those who are truly in need that they get help they need and deserve.

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