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ILW.COM is a New York-based legal publishing company, that has serviced immigration law practitioners for the last 10 years.

Our flagship publication, Immigration Daily, (www.ilw.com/immigdaily), offers the latest developments in immigration law, provoking articles, diverse points of view, and news about the field and community. Subscription to Immigration Daily is completely free of charge, and we now have over 36,000 subscribers.

Furthermore, ILW.COM provides CLE seminars and workshops. In these events, participants have the chance to dynamically interact with leaders in the immigration law field. For an extended listing of upcoming seminars, you may visit http://www.ilw.com/seminars.

We have an extensive list of publications about topics ranging from I-9 Compliance, PERM to tax and consular posts. Our authors and editors are leading experts in their fields of practice. We offer different options for attorneys at all levels and areas of expertise. To see our list of publications, see http://www.ilw.com/store/

Additionally, ILW.COM provides a place where attorneys and other law service providers can advertise their products and services to our readership, which consists of more than 100,000 visitors every month.

If you would like to learn more about ILW.COM or have any questions/suggestions/concerns, feel free to send an email at webmaster@ilw.com or visit ILW.COM.

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