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Nigeria Newspaper, Politics, political news, latest news, nigeria news, daily independent newspaper, daily independent, business, breaking news, sports
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Independent Newspapers (a five-day-a-week newspaper, Saturday Independent and Sunday Independent, which are weekend titles) is published by Independent Newspapers Limited.

Our content is dictated by social, not political, visions and by the need to satisfy as many readers (and advertisers) as possible. Independent titles are managed and sold as a branded product, edited and published for identifiable kind of readers.

Daily Independent communicates directly with its readers on a personal level. It delivers news and information that readers want and need to perform at their peak in their private and professional pursuits. It seeks to achieve this by continuously listening to its readers and adapting its contents to what the readers say they want.
The presentation of news and information, to elevate the quality of life of its readers, is the driving motive of our content development strategy. It rests on: Core Competencies, Strong Resource Base, Technological Infrastructure, Innovative Marketing, and Competitive Pricing.

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    Nigeria Newspaper, Politics, political news, latest news, nigeria news, daily independent newspaper, daily independent, business, breaking news, sports
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    Independent Newspapers Limited, registered on July 17, 2001 (RC No: 419927), commenced publication on October 1, 2001. With registered office at Block 5, Plot 7D, WEMPCO Road, Ogba, Ikeja, it publishes the INDEPENDENT from Monday to Friday, the Independent SATURDAY and the Independent SUNDAY. VISION: To be Nigeria’s First Truly Independent National Quality Newspaper. MISSION: To produce a quality, vibrant and viable newspaper that will inform and form the nation’s present and aspiring political, business, economic and cultural leadership; challenge and inspire the nation’s journalists to advance and defend the public good; and deliver superior value to all stakeholders. EDITORIAL POLICY Our Editorial Policy, as set out by the Board of Directors, was founded on the following principle: We shall be independent on all matters, but shall never be neutral on any matter, especially those concerning the well being of the Nigerian people. Read more at http://independentnig.com/about-us/#R8b8POKEYf3xD4j2.99 Advertising All payments should be made in favour of: Account Name: Independent Newspapers Limited Bank: First Bank of Nigeria Limited Account Number: 2012255355 For Enquiries, please Send Email to info@independentnig.com or Call 08023051318, 08060200365
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+234-8059218946, 08023051318, 08060200365
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