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India-Forums.com is the # 1 Discussion Forums with more than 800K+ members currently (Nov, 2015) and was started in December 2003. From the days of Jassi Jaissi Koi Nahi - India-Forums has succeeded in bringing together television viewers all across the globe. It has merged the virtual world and reality in a beautiful combination where virtual friends are now part of an extended family with many special bonds and relationships. India-Forums started as television discussion forum has branched out to several other sections like Bollywood, Celebrity Interview, Internet Radio, Fan Clubs, Debate Mansion, Sports, Books Talk, Fashion News update and Gizmo Talks.

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    Publisher: India Forums - #1 Indian Entertainment | TV News | Bollywood | Forum
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    India-Forums.com is the # 1 Indian Entertainment Discussion portal that caters to an audience from around the world. India-Forums which had once started as a television discussion forum has branched into several arenas such as Bollywood, Entertainment News, Internet Radio and Podcasts, Fan Clubs, etc. With an Alexa ranking in the top 3000, India-Forums has become the ultimate online discussion hub connecting Indians globally. Telly Buzz � a part of India-Forums � is a one-stop news hub for television buffs globally. Covering the latest news, gossip and events of the television industry, Telly Buzz provides a unique platform where members actively engage with the news they read through posting comments to the articles and media coverage. Facts about India-Forums IF latest analytics Site Analytics: 30th November 2012 Find my site on DoubleClick Ad Planner What are the benefits of advertising on India-Forums? High Traffic: With over 150 Million Pageviews on an average monthly, a campaign on India-Forums can get your website the high traffic which is sought after online. Furthermore, India-Forums has over 6.1 million unique visitors a month � again a great source of traffic for your website. Global Audience: Besides tapping into the Indian Market, through India-Forums you can reach avid Indian Television and Bollywood movie viewers worldwide and thus create a stronger global brand image. India-Forums geo analytics chart Last Updated : 28th November 2012 India-Forums.com is in Top 2500 Sites in the World!!! (as per Alexa.com) India-Forums Alexa Ranking Screenshot Last Updated : 28th November 2012 Age Gender Education Household income Strengthening of Brand Image and Recognition: Through various promotions on a website like India-Forums, you can strengthen the image of the brand. Furthermore, with strategically placed advertisements your brand can receive the best visibility possible and further increase brand recall amongst consumers. Generate Buzz & Hype: Through a platform that highlights discussions, debates and contests, you can generate strong word of mouth publicity for your brand. Advertise In The Digital Hemisphere Today! In a technologically savvy world today, many companies have found the Internet to be a great way to reach their audiences globally. Online advertising is not only a cost effective tool but also a great aid in brand strengthening and recognition. With its global reach, India-Forums can provide an apt platform for publicity, which reaches your audience and gives you the best ROI. For advertising/marketing related queries, questions or to start your association today with India-Forums as an advertiser, contact us at marketing@india-forums.com Click for company profile
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