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Publisher: Internship | Summer Training | Paid Internships | Summer Internship 2014
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Internshala (www.internshala.com) is a platform for recruiters, employers and organizations to get FREE access to the largest and the best talent pool of students in India for their internship requirements. Internshala's user base is spread across premier engineering & MBA colleges (IITs, NITs, IIMs etc.) in India.

In a short time since inception, Internshala has won hearts of many recruiters and start ups by offering an immaculate and delightful customer experience in terms of student reach and process management. And no, Internshala does NOT charge a fee for posting the internship requirement on the portal. Only caveat is that the internships offered to the students should be truly meaningful and exciting!

Visit now and see for yourself!

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    Publisher: Internship | Summer Training | Paid Internships | Summer Internship 2014
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    ADVERTISE WITH US If you want to promote your products, services, trainings, events, and competitions among university students in India, advertising on Internshala might be a good idea. WHY INTERNSHALA? We asked this question to our advertisers who advertise on Internshala on recurring basis. Here are their top 3 reasons - Students trust Internshala – The huge reach that we have among campuses all over India is surely important (300,000+ visit the website every month, 100,000+ follow us on Facebook and 100,000+ have subscribed to our newsletter). But what is more important is that students trust Internshala (see our student testimonials) like a true friend or a college senior. Which means when you advertise on Internshala, there is an implicit trust attached to your brand as well – like everything else we are known for, students expect us to advertise only quality offerings which we do by being selective about the brands that advertise with us (see list below) Great Service – Even for a free service (i.e. internship posting), we provide enviable customer service (see employer testimonials) and you can imagine how prompt, and personalized our service would be for the things that we charge money for. We take pride in taking ownership of your campaigns and go extra miles to ensure that you have a happy experience with us – we want you back, year after year! Affordable Pricing - For the results we deliver and for the service we provide, we surprise our customers with how affordable advertising on Internshala really is. We are obsessed with Value for Money as a way of life and strive hard to deliver the same to our clients.
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