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    Publisher: iPhone Matters
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    About Posted January 18, 07 1:34 PM by Hadley Stern iPhone Matters is the first source on the web for the best blog about everything to do with Apple’s iPhone and includes a dedicated forum. It is brought to you by the same fine folks who bring you Apple Matters and Macitt. Hadley Stern, Publisher, is a writer, designer, and all around internet guy who lives and works in Boston. He is also the publisher of Apple Matters, Macitt, and Spin Matters and is the author of the O’Reilly Media book, iPod and iTunes Hacks. Gregory Ng, Chief Blogger/Editor-In-Chief, is a devotee of all things Apple , especially his iPod, his iPhone, and his trusty Powerbook. He’s also an advertising creative director by day and proud father of three. (Three children. Not iPods.) Yet he still manages to find time for iPhoneMatters.com. Earlier quests for fame led to him to discover his alter ego: Chelvis, the Chinese Elvis. For links to all his other endeavors, go to GregoryNg.com Tanner Godarzi, Staff Writer, a 15 yr. old Sophomore, has been a technology enthusiast since elementary school and has grown up with Macs and PCs alike hoping to continue his career in Blogging beyond high school. In addition to writing for iPhone Matters, Tanner can be found at Apple Matters where he writes twice a week. During his spare time, Tanner battles with the Terminators and has successfully hacked into SkyNet from his iPhone to prevent the enslavement of the human race. Jovan Washington, Staff Writer, a 24 year old Communications major and tech enthusiast, has been very fascinated in all sorts of technology since he was a small child. Jovan has been learning all about technology and eventually started blogging about it. At the age of eighteen, Jovan discovered the joys of having his first Apple Powerbook G4. Although not a full switcher, he is determined to eventually become an all Mac guy. He doesn’t have to far to go, owning a Powerbook, iPod, Apple TV, and an iPhone. In addition to iPhone Matters, Jovan currently operates his own news-focused blog (What’s newS) at JoCoWash.blogspot.com, and you can also find his writings for his newest project, The Tech Brief at http://www.TheTechBrief.com. Cedric Bosch, Staff Writer, a student from Arizona, is a consumate technology afficionado, with experience in fields ranging from nanotechnology to automobile transmissions. His first encounter with electronics was the thrill of taking apart the family computer and the challenge of having to put it back together. For Cedric, owning an iPhone has been nothing less than an adventure. In his opinion, the iPhone itself is a magnificent device, but more importantly, it is a platform on which more complex projects can be based. Cedric also enjoys cycling, radio-controlled aircraft, and prototyping: basically, anything that he can use as an excuse to buy more gear. Aaron Wright, Staff Writer, is an ex-Windows user who switched over to Apple and its beautiful Macintosh system in 2005 - the main reason for the move came from his first iPod, which was purchased one year prior. Aaron is currently fitting kitchens in and around the London area in England, hoping to earn enough cash to take him to college to study Electrics and purchase an iPhone on its release - and yes he will switch network operator if need be! Other than writing for the iPhone Matters, Aaron’s work can also be found over at AppleMatters.com where he writes bi-weekly.
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