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Publisher: irenesarah.com | Lover of all things beautiful.
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    Publisher: irenesarah.com | Lover of all things beautiful.
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    I can offer several solutions for your advertising needs; from banner ads to sponsored posts. When emailing me please provide detailed information about your project so I can give you appropriate details and an accurate quote. Banner ads run for 30 days (size: 300x250) You can start your ad any day of the month This blog is a very personal space for me so I do not post anything that is not a reflection of me or my style. Reviews and opinions are always honest :) Thank you for the support, always. Events If you have an event you would like me to attend or participate in, I would love to hear more about it! Keep in mind that I am based in Chicago, IL but am always open and excited to travel. Product Submission/Reviews As mentioned earlier, I am particular about what I publish on my blog. With that being said, I do love to try new things! Products are accepted for consideration and aren’t always guaranteed a post. If your product works well for me, I am always happy and enthusiastic to share and will post about it. I do not post negative reviews of things I did not purchase for myself, so if your product doesn’t work out for me there won’t be any negative backlash from me either. I do not do paid positive reviews. If I do decide to post your submitted product; I will either incorporate it into a look, a haul, or I will do a review; whichever I feel fits best. You will always be credited & linked :) My blog focuses on beauty, fashion, and photography.
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