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Istanbul Old City Hotels
Publisher: Istanbul Hotels, Hotels in Istanbul, Best Hotel Guide for Istanbul, Istanbul Old City Hotels .com
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    Publisher: Istanbul Hotels, Hotels in Istanbul, Best Hotel Guide for Istanbul, Istanbul Old City Hotels .com
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    istanbul old city hotels Target Audience: www.istanbuloldcityhotels.com target audience is tourists planning to visit Istanbul. Mostly these tourists are traveling on their own not with a tour operator or travel agency. The main purpose for them visiting our site is for making accomodation arrangements. At what frequency the site is visited: We have officially started on August 1, 2001 since than our both our unique hits and page views are increasing in a rapid way. If you want to check our current status please go to http://www.webtrendslive.com. Login as username: info@istanbuloldcityhotels password: istoldcity and see our performance since August 22, 2001. You will observe that both our page view and average duration of a visit statistics are well above an average travel site. Who should place an ad on our site?: We recommend Istanbul companies that are targeting to tourists and especially located around the old city of Istanbul. we highly recommend restaurants, shops, bars and cafes to place an ad in our site. Besides, we also foresee a big opportunity for GSM Operators to place an ad and with the link from us prepare a page about Prepaid cards and how it works, and inform them about the benefits of using prepaid cards versus heavy roaming charges that mHost of them are not aware. This part is not for any member hotels or any hotels within the area of old city center of Istanbul. How much does it cost?: Since we are a very new site our banner costs are very moderate for the moment. 120*50 pixel max 7K banner on the main page of www.istanbuloldcityhotels.com prices: The cost of each banner for 6 months is USD 150 + VAT and USD 225 + VAT per year, the banners will be sorted according to their click through rate. (i.e. if your banner is the most clicked one you will be at the top) Contact: Aslan Ozcakir Tel: (212) 320-3197 Tel: (212) 230-4424 Fax: (212) 225-9454 aozcakir@istanbuloldcityhotels.com istanbul old city hotels istanbul old city hotels
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