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    The staff of Imminent Threat Solutions have read advertising policies of media outlets who specifically state that an advertisement on their site or in their publication is not an implied endorsement of the product, simply that they sell advertising at a given price. We do not subscribe to such nonsense at ITS and when you see an advertiser on our site you can believe that it is a personal endorsement by the staff at Imminent Threat Solutions. If we wouldn’t vouch for an advertiser, you wouldn’t see their ad displayed on ITS. We can and often will turn down advertisers that do not meet our rigid qualifications to be accepted as an advertiser. Is our advertising biased? Yes, because we only accept the best. Available Advertising On ITS We have ten (10) 125px x 125px advertising slots available throughout our content on ITS. These ads appear on every content driven page within our site. There is also one advertising block reserved for our internal promotions. Unlike most Web sites who sell their top positions for more money, our advertising is a flat fee for all positions. All advertising is rotated on an random basis and our single site advertisement takes no preferential treatment, rotating right along with all other advertisers. By having rotating advertising, no one advertiser owns the top spot, which helps your brand stand out. Update: We now have the capability to host up to (5) different banners in your 125px x 125px advertising spot. Along with your spot rotating randomly with the other advertisers, the graphics can randomly rotate as well. This can be seen with a few of our current advertisers. 1 Year (12 Months) for only $3000 (Just $250 per month) 6 Months for only $1800 (Just $300 per month) 3 Months for only $1050 (Just $350 per month) How To Apply As An Advertiser At Imminent Threat Solutions we’re here for our readers, just as you are for your customers and our readers come first. We will not accept all advertisers and if we don’t believe that your products will benefit our readership, you will not be accepted as an advertiser. To start the approval process: 1. Submit your 125px x 125px advertisement, what Web page you’d like it to link to and what advertising terms you’re applying for. All submissions must come through our support email address, where you’ll attach your creative as well. 2. Review ITS will look at your submission and you’ll be notified via email (no longer than 2-3 days) of qualification and advertising availability. Once accepted, an advertising agreement letter and payment logistics will be forwarded. Payment will be handled through credit card unless you prefer to send a Check. This may delay your ad in running, as payment must be received and cleared before your ad will run. 3. Publish Your ad will be live within 1-2 business days of receiving your payment for your advertisement, as long as the above submission was complete and any edits to your ads were not required. We currently recommend setting up a Google Analytics account and creating a campaign link that you can use to accurately determine the amount of traffic we’re sending to your site. Please see the FAQs below for our traffic statistics on ITS. Frequently Asked Questions Question: How much traffic will you send me? Answer: There are no guarantees on the amount of traffic that will be sent, but we recommend setting up a Google Analytics account and creating a campaign link that will accurately track the exact traffic we’ll send you. Question: How many people visit ITS on a daily basis? Answer: ITS currently receives around 15,000+ unique visitors per day and a little over 30,000 page views per day. This translates to the potential for 500,000+ sets of eyes on your ad per month. These are not “claimed numbers,” we’ve always had a public SiteMeter account for ITS Tactical available for anyone to see, we don’t hide our traffic. These numbers are also not the typical “hits” you hear about, these are individual unique visitors and total page views: http://www.sitemeter.com/?a=stats&s=s14tactical&r=33 Question: Can I buy a banner ad that runs across the top of ITS Tactical? How about another format such as link ads? Answer: Ads are sold in 125px by 125px banners and run only in the designated location in the right sidebar. Question: Can you create a banner for me? Answer: Unfortunately, we don’t have the resources to continue to offer this service to our advertisers. We can help with sizing and other small issues that may come up. Question: Can I have flash or animated GIF advertisement? Answer: Our ads are static. It’s our opinion that most people are conditioned to ignore animated advertising and we don’t offer it as an option here. Question: Can I change out my ads during the advertising time I purchase? Answer: We recommend sending us a link to your advertisement creative so that at anytime you wish to change it, you can. We’ll change it manually for you once a month if you’d like though.
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