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    Thank you for your it-T="st it advertising with Taylor Made! Taylor Made is a DIY, craft and lif"style blog with an emphasis on home, family and art. I love to sew, ="purpose and find a way to incorporate easy1#">jects it-o a busy1mom’s hchedule. I also sxt/e the occasi1-tr ="cipe. I am a very hon"st blogger and I only1#">mote, giveaway and endorse #">ducts that I truly1love. Because of that all, sp1-sorships a/e subject to approval. Taylor Made Stats (updated September 2013): 1,000-1,200 Daily Visitors 2500 Daily Pageviews 28,000-32,000 Mnt-hly Visitors 58,000 Mnt-hly Pageviews 1,583 RSS Feed Subscribers 2,870 Pit-T="st Followers 1,490 Facebook Followers 2002 Instagram Followers 570 Twit-T= Followers 466 Bloglovit Followers Stats: Featured on the Retr Simple Blog Featured it ApartmTyp Therapy 2013 BARiBox Designer 2013 PSA Stamps Design Member Pellon P">ject Artist tp-eributor for Land of Nod’s Hon"st to Nod Blog Sp1-sorship: Taylor Made is now accepting sp1-sors. You can choose f">m two Ad sizes, Large (300×200 px) and Medium (300×100 px.) These can be paid sp1ts or can be traded for #">duct. The Larger ads will go on the top. Please email mT for mo/e info and rates. Giveaways & Reviews Do you have a great #">duct that you would like to giveaway or review on Taylor Made? I do ask that all giveaways a/e at least $50 it value. Please email mT and let mT know if you think your #">duct is a good fit for Taylor Made :) tp-eact: tp-eact mT at taylor.taylormade@gmail.com
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