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Publisher: Jackie Bledsoe - Lead and love the ones who matter most
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    Publisher: Jackie Bledsoe - Lead and love the ones who matter most
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    You are here: Home / Advertising ADVERTISING I launched JackieBledsoe.com in 2012 and it is rapidly growing into a vibrant and engaged community. Frequent visitors tend to be very family and faith-centered individuals who value education. Some topics of interest that visitors share are homeschooling, entrepreneurship, marriage, and parenting. Living an active lifestyle is important to me, as well as my readers, who engage via comments and/or take part in challenges hosted on my blog. Do you have a product or service that falls in line with any of these areas? I’d love to share it with my community of readers! Ad Rates and Availability - JackieBledsoe.com Some Popular Posts Would you like to see what my visitors like to read? Check out some of my more popular posts: 11 Reasons Why Married Life is the Best Life What You Can Learn From “Uncle Drew” The Reaction We Get When We Say, “Our Kids Are Homeschooled” Been Ignoring Your Health – Join the #GETActive30 Day Challenge 80 Goals That Provide Motivation for Me…My Life Goals What Makes a Healthy Marriage? 25 Things About Jackie That is just a few! My site is updated with 4-5 fresh new blog posts per week. Your ads will be highly visible to my readers, and you will be just one click away! I’d love to share your awesome product or service with my community of readers. Opportunities Available 1. Sidebar Ads Sidebar ads appear on the right sidebar of every page. I currently offer 10 ad spots, spread over 7 different positions, with 3 available sizes. Position 1 – 300 x 250 pixel ad (1) Position 2 - 300 x 125 pixel ad (1) Position 3 - 300 x 250 pixel ad (1) Position 4 - 300 x 125 pixel ad (1) Position 5 – 125 x 125 pixel ad (4) Position 6 – 300 x 250 pixel ad (1) Position 7 – 300 x 125 pixel ad (1) Please email me for more information or to purchase ad space. Ad Rates and Availability - JackieBledsoe.com 2. Giveaways and Competions Do you want to give away copies of your product or service? I can host giveaway or competition for you. Giveways will run for a minimum of one week to a maximum of one month. A review copy and shipping must be included. Contact me and let’s put together a great plan for your giveaway or competition. 3. Sponsored Posts and Reviews Do you have a product or service that would be beneficial to my readers? I’d love to help you help them. Please remember, I only promote products and services on my site that line up with the values of my blog and the interests of my readers. Posts will be 300-400 words, written in my natural “voice”, and the post may contain up to 5 keyword links (2 primary and 3 secondary). Contact me so we can discuss. Questions? If you have questions about any of the opportunities listed above, pricing, or you have some creative out-of-the-box ideat that will knock my socks off, please contact me. I’d love to answer your questions, and I’d love to work with you!
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