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    Who my blog can help Hi, my name is Jackie, and JackieBledsoe.com is my blog. Thanks for visiting! Read on to learn how my blog can help you grow as the leader of your family. I launched this blog in early 2012, and it is rapidly growing into a vibrant and engaged community of people looking to improve their family life, their work life, and the lives of those around them. What I blog about My focus is sharing practical content which can be applied to your life. Helping you better lead your family, succeed in life, and create change in the lives of those within your reach. Below are some of the topics I write about: Marriage Parenting Family Leadership Homeschooling Sports Parenting I normally post two to three times per week. To make sure you don’t miss my newest posts, you can subscribe via RSS or e-mail. I also accept a select amount of advertising. Why I blog Being Family-Centered is Important I am very passionate about family, and I work hard to balance my personal, family, and professional life. I believe faith and family is the foundation of all other aspects of our lives. I work hard to center my personal and professional life around my faith and my family, not the other way around. I try to do this in a way that helps me, as well as those I’m connected with. We Must Constantly Learn and Grow I am constantly seeking to learn new things and apply them to my life. One thing I have learned through blogging and interacting with my readers is there are other people with similar passions. There are many people who place a high value and priority on faith and family. Our Duty is To Share and Teach My blog has become my outlet for sharing these lessons and connecting with all who share these values, and want to join us. As this happens you grow, I grow, and our families, companies, and communities receive the benefits. Where to find my popular posts Here are a few of my posts that my readers have enjoyed. Check them out! The Single Greatest Thing A Dad Can Do For His Children 10 Ways to Really Know Your Spouse…and Then Some! Why the Gay Marriage Debate is a MAJOR Problem! 25 Things Your Wife Will Love to Hear You Say You’re Not Interested in Your Spouse’s hobbies…what do you do? 11 Reasons Why Married Life is the Best Life Why Your Family Should Be Using Evernote Plus 5 Practical Uses What You Can Learn From “Uncle Drew” 7 Lessons Learned from a Homeschooling Family of 7 80 Goals That Provide Motivation for Me…My Life Goals That is just a few! Remember my site is updated with 2-3 fresh new blog posts per week! Where else to find my writing and speaking I’m a regular contributor to several well-known and award winning sites like Tony Dungy’s AllProDad , Disney’s Babble, Black and Married with Kids (BMWK), the NFL’s USA Football (USAF), and CoachUp.com. I’ve also been featured multiple times on HuffPost Live and Yahoo! Shine, and spoken for an All Pro Dad event sponsored by the Indianapolis Colts. Here are some of my most popular posts and segments from those sites. All Pro Dad – 10 Things to do For Your Wife Every Year All Pro Dad – All Pro Dad Basic Training Babble – 7 Reasons Happy Wives Have Happy Husbands Babble – 7 Signs He is in Love with You BMWK – Why He Should Stop Grabbing His Wife’s Booty…or Should He? BMWK – How to Be an Ephesians 5 Husband for Your Proverbs 31 Wife USAF – 4 Clues to Know if a Player is a Winner Coach Up – The Responsibility and Privilege of Coaching Youth Sports Yahoo! Shine – 6 Reasons Why I’d Choose Married Life Over Single Life Any Day HuffPost Live – Do Women Change Men for the Better?
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