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Iron & Steel Industry is part of Nordic Media A / S as a trade magazine for the manufacturing industry. We focus on both opportunities and challenges for an industry in constant evolution. With 22 releases in 2016, the industry's highest readership and focus on total manufacturing, to put Iron & Steel industry both journalistic news and the widest coverage to visualize messages and promote awareness of your business.
Circulation: 10,567. Readership: 30,000 About Nordic media Nordic Media is one of Scandinavia's largest companies in the specialty. The company covers Nordic business community with constructive, credible and independent news. With special focus on being close to the industries we deal with. There are 115 employees based in Aalborg, Herlev, Gothenburg and Oslo and a total turnover of over 100 million. kr. and is a solid company with order in the economy. They currently 22 media and industry network currently includes .: The invitation - Building newspaper , Iron & Steel Industry , Master Journal , Motor magazine , Transport magazine , magazine Care , Building Supply , Metal Supply , Food Supply , Wood Supply , Electronic Supply , Energy Supply , idag.dk and Retail news - more of the media in Sweden and a single medium is in Norway. Editorial work 45 journalists and editors across many industries fair editors take care of the continuous news flow and ensures that we are at the forefront with all the news in our online media. And journalists from print media and analysis group in depth including industry analysis, special topics, follow-up of selected cases, portraits etc. Constantly focusing on giving readers the depth industry knowledge, one can not find in the general news. Unlike many other media writes Nordic Media on both large and small companies - as well as political, cultural and social conditions that are important for business. Fagmediernes professional journalists working to deliver well-written, interesting and factual articles so that they can provide content of high professional quality to readers who are themselves professional experts in the industries they work in. In 2012 the company became part of Nordjyske Media group established and reap the natural benefits of this, while it has the same independent profile as before. In 2014, the Industrial base and Danish Fagmedier part of the family. industry base is an online auction and marketplace for buyers and sellers in the industry. Danish Fagmediers print media are some of the oldest and most well-established journals with more than 150,000 monthly readers gain knowledge in the construction sector, the auto industry, transportation industry, care, manufacturing, construction and artisan industry. The companies and the media during the Northern Media publishes daily newsletters for more than 200,000 beneficiaries.

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    Target your advertising on the Iron & Steel Industry. We offer cheap and effective marketing aimed at your particular audience. Iron & Steel Industry offers various opportunities for advertising - both in print and online: Print advertising in the newspaper. Online advertising on the portal and in the daily newsletter. Information material with audiences, etc. online advertising The following prices and campaigns require membership. A membership costs 7,800 million DKK per year and provides access to both the Iron & Steel Industry and Metal Supply. Read more about the membership . The price for non-members is twofold. Advertising on portal Banner Specifications - download here rates. month for members Name section Price 1. Topbanner Home or Article 10,000 kr. One of the other pages 5,000 kr. 2. Corner Banner Home or Article 6,500 kr. One of the other pages 3,250 kr. 3. Side Banner Article 2,000 kr. Home + other pages 2,000 kr. 4. Title Banner Since Article 11,000 kr. 5. Campaign Banner heading. 1 Front 8,000 kr. Article 6,500 kr. other pages 3,250 kr. 6. Campaign Banner heading. 2 Front 7,000 kr. Article 5,000 kr. other pages 2,500 kr. 7. Giga Banner heading. 1 Front 10,000 kr. 8. Giga Banner heading. 2 Front 7,000 kr. Areas of expertise - Prices per. month for members banner located on both the front page and article page on the chosen area. Name Price. subject area 1. Topbanner 2,500 kr. 2. Corner Banner 1,625 kr. 5. Campaign Banner 1 2,000 kr. 6. Campaign Banner 2 1,750 kr. Advertising in the newsletter Ad specifications - download here rates. day for members Name Price masthead 4,000 kr. Amid Ad 3,000 kr. bottom Ad 2,000 kr. mobile Advertising Name pixels Size Mobile Banner front 320x160 for mobile 20 KB 483x242 for tablet 40 KB Mobile Banner Article 320x240 for mobile 20 KB 237x177 for tablet 40 KB mobile Popup 320x320 for mobile 30 KB 768x768 for tablet 100 KB All banners are static and must be delivered in jpg or gif. Mobile Banner shares space with up to three other banners. Mobile Popup is alone. Mobile announcement is responsive and therefore you need to make both a size for mobile and another for tablets. Prices per. month for members Name section Price mobile Banner Front 2,500 kr. mobile Banner Article 2,500 kr. mobile Popup Article 10,000 kr. Info The above prices are for members. The price for non-members is twofold. We prepare the announcement free when ordering min. 5 ads in the newsletter or min. 2 month banner on the portal. Otherwise the price is 500 kr. Per. ad. Ready material delivered within 2 working days prior to publishing. Should we be help to draft the announcement will be contacted by our graphic artist, which will discuss the next steps with you. Guidelines for advertisers It should be clear to readers of Iron & Steel Industry, what there are ads and what are articles written by the editors. Therefore, ads differ from the layout of the portal and in the newsletter, so readers are not misled and believe that an ad is an article written by the editors. Advertisers please use a different font than ours, and the word ad must clearly state the top of the ad, if it is not beyond doubt that there is an ad - so we follow legislation. Contact us by phone 7228 6970 and learn more about the many profiling options online.
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