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YouTube MCN: A subscription based Multi-Channel Network (MCN) focused on empowering Influencers around the world.
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    YouTube MCN: A subscription based Multi-Channel Network (MCN) focused on empowering Influencers around the world.
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    JETPAK is a subscription based MCN focused on empowering Influencers. OUR GOAL IS SIMPLE: To provide Influencers with protection, freedom, and transparency, enabling them to focus on what matters most, their channel. JETPAK addresses three main issues that plague creators and traditional MCNs: 1. Infinite Revenue Share for Finite Service: A major underlying issue is that two YouTube creators being provided the same level of service are often being charged differently because of different Revenue Share deals. We believe there is a fair market value for services that should be based on the services actually delivered, not the size of your channel. A finite cost for a finite service. 2. Lack of Transparency & Nebulous “Operating Expenses”: YouTube creators often complain that MCNs lack transparency in regards to concepts such as “net” revenue and the actual gross revenue their channel is generating. JETPAK will provide full transparency on your channel’s accounting, in addition to charging only for services actually rendered. To this end, JETPAK will pass through 100% of your channel’s Indirect Ad Revenue, assist you with copyright strikes and infringement notices, and help you gain a level of control and transparency that has been lost in the current ecosystem, by design. 3. Long-term Agreements & Exclusivity: Most MCNs are requiring YouTube channels, large and small, to sign multi-year contracts with minimal transparency and near total exclusivity. JETPAK offers channels month-to-month, non-exclusive, agreements. You will have the freedom to dictate the term and exclusivity of your participation.
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