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The Jewish News has over 15 years experience in providing products and services to the UK's 280,000 strong Jewish community.

Aside from being an award winning weekly newspaper, the Jewish News publishes several supplements and also runs the 'Simchas Live' Wedding and Bat/Bar Mitzvah exhibition.

Established in 1997, the Jewish News is the only newspaper to exclusively serve the Jewish communities of Greater London – specifically London, Middlesex, Hertfordshire and Essex. As a result of engaging content and the support of the community, we have seen the Jewish News grow to become the publishers of the UK’s largest Jewish newspaper, surpassing other far more established publications.

With a weekly distribution of 33,000 copies, the Jewish News is at the heart of this thriving, educated and affluent community, providing a weekly mix of local, national and international Jewish news, features, sport and entertainment. The Jewish News publishes feisty, hard-hitting exclusives of local, national and international importance.

The newspaper operates digitally from www.jewishnews.co.uk. The site offers daily national, international and regional breaking and developing news stories, columnists and blogs, celebrity news, gossip and interviews, cultural reviews, food, travel, sport and religious insight. There is also business and finance news, investigative reports, videos, polls and competitions. The online portal also keeps users constantly updated about ever-changing events in the Middle East, with reports from the people and politicians directly involved.

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