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Publisher: JOBS IN GHANA: Current Jobs in Ghana 2014 @ JobHouse
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    Publisher: JOBS IN GHANA: Current Jobs in Ghana 2014 @ JobHouse
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    JobHouse is Ghana’s leading job portal with three job websites: www.jobhouseghana.com, jobhouse.org and jobhousenigeria.com. We offer clients, prospective clients and the general public the ability to target their marketing campaigns to a very wide audience in Ghana. With more than 1 million (1,000,000) average monthly page views, JobHouse is the preferred destination for web advertising especially when you are targeting Graduates in Ghana and the youth in general. Why Advertise on JobHouse (Ghana) ? There are many reasons why you should advertise with us. We record over 40,000 page views per day and over 84% of that traffic is from Ghana . Over 80% of our local visitors are fresh graduates or youth between the ages of 22-34. This gives a unique niche market to more accurate target ad campaigns. We can be located by more than 90% of all web search engines in the world. We are very affordable and flexible. Our Statistics - Summary As at March 2013 www.jobhouseghana.com + www.jobhouse.org, both record over 40,000 page views / hits per day. Traffic from Ghana accounts for over 84%. Overwhelming majority of our visitors from Ghana are Fresh Graduates between the ages of 22-34. Our world ranking has also reached the region of 200,000 whist that of Ghana ranking is within the first 150 most popular websites according to Alexa Ranking. Point To Note: On the Alexa Ranking list for Ghana, Facebook.com is no.1, Google.com.gh is no.2, Myjoyonline is no.6, Ghana Stock Exchange (gse.com.gh) is 466 etc. Audience Hits Per Day As at August 2012, we record over 15000 hits or page views per day. Our Packages / Month or Per Impressions Package : Top Banner Advert Size : 728 x 90 pixels Location : Top of displayed pages Cost : GH¢800 or Gh¢7 per 1000 impressions Package : Right Side Banner Size : 160 x 600 pixels Location : Right column of displayed pages Cost : GH¢600 per month or Gh¢5 per 1000 impressions Package : Footer Banner Size : 200 x 200 pixels Location : Bottom column of displayed pages Cost : Gh¢400 per month GH¢2.00 for 1000 Impressions * * Rates are based on cost-per-thousand impressions. Impressions are defined as the number of times a page on which an ad is placed is loaded by a visitor. Contact our Front Desk Secretary on 0302 999 234 or the G.M. directly on 024 713 8866 for any special arrangement. We are flexible!
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