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    About Me Hello, My name is Angelina and welcome to,”JoJo & Eloise”. Life is a wonderful journey and I am so grateful for the, “Simply Sweet Things” it has to offer. I am a sinner saved by grace ( John 3:16 ) first and foremost..I have been privileged to be the Wife to my ever constant and faithful husband for 16 yrs. In those 16yrs. we have been gifted with the blessing and sweetness of 6 children. ( psalm 127:3 ).. Growing up I always desired and longed to learn and know how to sew…I had a few friends whose Mother’s sewed..I can remember being so in awe over their talents and abilities..so much so I often would choose to stay in the house and watch my friends mom sew rather than go outside to play…I didn’t necessarily learn anything…but it did feed my desire to learn, what seemed to me to be the most amazing talent and gift.. Many years later, I would find myself blissfully married and smack dab in a brand new town where I didn’t know a soul…I was pregnant and miserable because the heat was horrendous..We would often drive 2hrs to my Mother-In-Laws house, just for a change of scenery and not to mention getting away from the dreaded heat… My Mother-In-Law was not aware of my desire of wanting to learn how to sew….but out of nowhere ( she knew my of my boredom and misery.. : ) and offered for me to borrow her sewing machine..It was as though the heavens opened up and you could hear the Angel’s singing…She had never used the machine herself.. ( she got it when the Grocery stores use to have stamps..where you could save and earn a gift…well she had gotten this beautiful Avocado green machine.. that I was soon going to enjoy.. : ) I was never so happy to be driving back to this town of dreaded heat and knowing nobody..I was actually eager to get home…Though I had no idea how to even turn this green thing on, let alone thread it..I was determined and had visions of lovely handmade things bouncing around my mind… Back at home, I went to Joann’s ( then called House of Fabrics ) I bought every fabric known to man….We were renting at this time and the Lord Blessed us with the SWEETEST landlords…and wouldn’t you know it she was a SEWER…I told her of my adventure and she kindly came over and showed me how to thread the machine…and wind the bobbin..I was off and so excited I just began sewing straight lines..( who could go wrong with straight lines..) after about 3 straight lines on a piece of fabric I cut…I considered myself a Sewer… : ) I began to dig through my mounds of fabric and wonderful thoughts of creativity flowed….Dresses, Skirts, Shirts, Dolls, bedding, Aprons, and do you know what I ended up sewing…..Nope..none of those things…I sewed the ever safe and sure to leave you feeling the pride of accomplishment…Yes!! a Place mat…all straight lines…: ) One place mat down …And who needs electricity..when I was BEAMING…like a Light Bulb…I was no longer just a sewer but I was borderline Professional.. : ) So why not take it to the next level…( Now mind you I don’t know a thing about sewing, I am not familiar with sewing terms..or techniques.. ) The place mat I had just sewn was going to be for our little baby boy when he grew up…So I chose this really cute school print that had adorable little yellow school buses on it…Well now that I was borderline professional.. : ) I couldn’t just have a plain old looking place mat…So I began to cut out the school buses on a separate piece of fabric and overlayed it on a new piece of fabric to be used for another place mat…and I located a Zigzaggy looking stitch and sewed it on top and made a pocket out of it..taking a coordinating piece and cutting out a different object and Zigzagged it on and the edges of the napkin…Beaming would be an understatement after I had accomplished this…( little did I know it was called Applique….you would of thought I had invented it.. :) My husband came home to a VERY excited and BEAMING wife…He couldn’t of been happier for me..I think I showed him the place mats…at least 100xs that night and of course going to bed talking about them… I have never taken a sewing class…and just learned over the years by trial and error (and believe me a lot more Error than anything else.. )..and I still am learning…The Lord was so gracious to bless me with the desire of my heart… And I have been so thankful and LOVING it ever since… I pray that you are blessed and enjoy your visit here at Ruby Jean’s In Christ Angelina
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