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Publisher: Expert baby and pregnancy facts - Just the Facts, Baby
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All the best information for your new family.

An informative pregnancy and parenting website. Founded by professional journalists, JustTheFactsBaby.com offers reliable information parents can trust. Topics include nutrition, health, lifestyle information and more. There are product reviews and a baby route map to help moms move about town with ease.

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    Publisher: Expert baby and pregnancy facts - Just the Facts, Baby
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    We’re professional journalists and new moms who know what it’s like to need answers in a hurry. And not just any old answers, either. All the articles at Just the Facts, Baby contain the latest, most reliable information gathered from top experts across North America. For moms who need those facts fast, we provide 30-second quick hits–they’re literally “just the facts.” These are followed by more detailed articles, with topics ranging from fitness and nutrition to mom and baby health. We also give new moms an array of interactive planning tools, expert Q & As and printable city maps to help them find the hippest and most convenient baby spots in town. Just the Facts, Baby is the only site that gives moms at-a-glance access to baby-friendly restaurants, stores, breastfeeding and change areas. Well-researched, reliable information, 30-second overviews, planning tools and the ultimate city guide–all the facts you need to make the most of mom-hood. The Founders and Editors Sydney Loney Sydney Loney Sydney thought she knew about multi-tasking as the former managing editor of Glow magazine. She knew nothing. Thanks to her son Charlie and daughter Maggie, she can now bake muffins, edit copy, do a load of whites and interpretive dance to Raffi-all at the same time. (And getting a handful of health and beauty editors to meet their deadlines is nothing compared to getting a four-year-old to junior kindergarten before the bell rings.) That said, Sydney is still able to put her degree in journalism to good use as a freelance writer and editor. In addition to JustTheFactsBaby.com, her work has appeared in Today’s Parent, Canadian Family, Chatelaine, More, Pregnancy and The Globe and Mail. Nancy Ripton Nancy Ripton In her pre-baby life, Nancy was the editor-in-chief of Oxygen and Glow magazines. In addition to her journalism background and degree from Ryerson University, she has a passion for health, fitness and nutrition. Nancy holds a Bachelor of Science from the University of Calgary and is a former personal trainer and group fitness program director. The work-at-home mom now balances parenting her sons Bode and Beckett and daughter Stella with managing JustTheFactsBaby.com and freelance writing. Her clients include: More (in which she is the contributing fitness editor), Canadian Family, Pregnancy, Fit Pregnancy, and various others.
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