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Karmaloop is an online multi-platformed web retailer specializing in global underground street wear & fashion. We are located in an awesome new office in Downtown Boston, Massachusetts directly next to the Arlington T stop on Boylston St. The office space overlooks the Commons. We pride ourselves on our employee culture. Employees can bring small dogs to work, work flexible hours, and will experience an exciting work environment that includes a tv studio, model photo rooms and art from some famous street artists. The technical challenges here are vast, and you’ll get experience working in a very high hit web environment.

KarmaloopTV.com is an online channel reporting on global street culture. The site features exclusive interviews with designers, brands, artists, musicians and others relevant to the street wear lifestyle, as well as, original in-house produced programming.

PLNDR.com (pronounced "plunder"), owned by Karmaloop.com, is a members-only men's and women's "flash sale" online boutique that hosts limited-time sales of more than 80 percent off on the best in premium apparel, footwear and accessories by leading lifestyle and street wear brands. The site debuted in May 2010 and is the fastest-growing segment in the Karmaloop.com family. To date, PLNDR has established ongoing partnerships with more than 400 brands including top-sellers like Crooks & Castles, Obey, WeSC, Motel Rocks and Married To The Mob, boasting a current membership of 2.3 million users and counting.

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    KarmaloopTV, Karmaloop.com’s online video channel, provides an inside look at all elements that fuel cutting edge “Verge Culture” – the intersection of lifestyle, music and fashion. The KarmaloopTV site features exclusive interviews with designers, brands, artists and musicians, as well as behind-the-scenes coverage of events and parties, which emphasize the street culture phenomenon at large. From educational political content, to entertaining celebrity interviews and informational segments on the hottest new streetwear brands, KarmaloopTV is the world leader for youth culture. * 5 million unique visitors and 16 million page views / month It’s impossible to deny how large this multi-cultural audience of millions is. The demographics’ spending power, social forms, and upward mobility of this group cannot be matched. Karmaloop TV continues to play a large roll in supporting, documenting and influencing its growth. Our readers are always steps ahead of the masses, taking on roles as authorities of style and fashion, as they look to Karmaloop TV as their one and only guide to everything new and cool. * You’re starting a new business but you don’t know everything there is to know about it. (Really, you don’t). If you’re smart you’ll find someone who does and try to absorb as much as you can. That’s what Greg Selkoe did 12 years ago when he was dreaming up Karmaloop, a site that sells hoodies, sneakers, bags, and the like to young and techie trendsetters. - Jian Deleon of Complex Magazine * You’re starting a new business but you don’t know everything there is to know about it. (Really, you don’t). If you’re smart you’ll find someone who does and try to absorb as much as you can. - Christina DesMarais of Inc.com * Brick Harbor is backed by the established fashion site KarmaLoop.com, so it should have some room to experiment with its social, editorial and e-commerce balance. - Sam Laird of Mashable There are two ways to advertise on Karmaloop TV: permanent monthly sponsorships across all Karmaloop TV pages and CPM-based advertising. Karmaloop TV offers the following ad units. 728 x 90 Leaderboards 300 x 250 Medium Rectangles 1x1 Background Takeover Karmaloop TV offers premium sponsorship ad units, served in the right area of every Karmaloop TV page. The ad units rotates with each page viewed. These sponsors are important to us, and we look for products and services that we feel would be relevant to our targeted and influential audience. Ad Specs: * 125 by 125 pixel size * Will link back to the company product page * No animations (simple ads) We operate with a minimum term of two months. For more rates or if you want to start a campaign, please contact greg.weinstein -[at]- karmaloop.com.
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