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Publisher: Katy Widrick - Healthy Living in a Hectic World
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I'm living my dream! By day, I'm the Executive Producer at Bolder Broadcasting, Inc. While we're a small staff, we're hugely passionate about our work producing inspirational, motivational stories for multiple platforms including television, radio, magazine and online media. Growing Bolder: it's not about age; it's about attitude.

By night, I blog about healthy living in a hectic world. I share my favorite online tools, blogging tips and social media strategy as well as my workouts, my journey through motherhood and more. I'm also the founder of the #Fitblog Chats on Twitter, which brings together the health and fitness community for weekly discussions and community.

I graduated with a dual major from Syracuse University (Broadcast Journalism and Policy Studies) and have worked in several markets as a television producer, including Syracuse and Orlando. From time to time, I appear on air.

My interests and experience include:

--content moderation and online news management
--talent coaching
--writing and production
--public and media relations
--fact-checking and copy editing

I'm a Type A multitasker who loves a deadline and the thrill of breaking news. I believe in storytelling, the power of video and making a difference.

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    Publisher: Katy Widrick - Healthy Living in a Hectic World
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    About My name is Katy and I’m passionate about healthy living — through food, fitness and other “F” words. I’m a TV producer by day, a runner and triathlete by night and I love sharing social media tips. You can contact me at any time! Also, be sure to check out my baby/family blog, BugChild.com. Whether you found this site because you know me in person, you followed me from my previous home (http://sillytatertot.com) or you stumbled upon one of my links — I’m glad you’re here. A quick introduction, then you’re on your way. I’m a married 34-year-old who’s into media (traditional and social), health and fitness, my family, my friends, and anything else that’s cool. I’m also an AFAA-certified group fitness instructor, and I currently teach PiYo Strength classes in the Orlando/Central Florida area. Pac NW '08 566 By day: I’m the Executive Producer for Bolder Media Group, a production company based in Central Florida. I wear many hats in this role (sometimes even a princess crown), but my main job is to produce The Growing Bolder TV Show. It’s a 30-minute program that features men and women who smash the stereotypes of what it means to grow older. Growing BOLDER — get it? I get to work with some of the most fun and talented people I’ve ever met, and I love my job. Polaroid for GB From time to time, I appear as a reporter or on-air producer, and if you want to see those videos — click here for my reel. By night: I’m extremely passionate about health, especially when it comes to food and fitness. In 2008, after about 18 months on the Weight Watchers program, I lost 40 pounds. Yes, I have a before and after: Katy Widrick: Before and After Weight Loss Before…After! I’m always open to answering questions. All of my contact information is posted here, and I do my best to quickly answer all questions and comments. I’m a vegetarian, and have experimented with a vegan diet, but am completely open-minded about nutrition, ethical eating and the role food plays in all our lives. Above all, I believe in eating real foods. When I’m not working (see above) or training (see below), I’m doing everything I can to learn and educate myself on the politics of food. I have a particular passion about obesity in America, and helping others to learn to incorporate healthy foods and fitness into their lives. By weekend: I’m a swimmer, a cyclist and a runner. Put those together and you have a triathlete — something I’m very proud to call myself! You can see reviews and recaps of my races here, including several 5Ks, a 10K, three half marathons, and multiple triathlons. Since I live in Florida, I spend every moment that I can outside, either training or hanging out with my husband and our dogs. All the time: I’ve been married since April 2006, and I have the best husband in the world. Lucas is an architect who also keeps (kept — it’s on hiatus!) a daily beer blog, all about drinking, brewing and enjoying beer. Jeff Maureen Wedding 79 We have a beautiful baby girl named Audrey, two dogs — both shelter rescues — and two cats. We travel whenever possible, and are always looking for the next adventure. We’re both Syracuse University graduates, so if there’s a game on, we’re likely watching and cheering. In addition, I’m a New England girl by birth and by choice, so if you love the Red Sox and the Patriots and think they’re wicked awesome, let me know. And I’m a social media addict. Hit me up if you want to connect. Thanks for stopping by and let me know more about YOU!
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