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Publisher: Kayla Aimee — An Atlanta Mommy Blogs About Faith, Family & Favorite Things
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    Publisher: Kayla Aimee — An Atlanta Mommy Blogs About Faith, Family & Favorite Things
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    PR FRIENDLY | SPONSORSHIP INFORMATION Thank you for your interest in working with me! I love to work with brands to create a fun narrative focusing on a great product, giveaway, or press trip. I’m always open to creative partnerships that would be a good fit for myself and my amazing readers so if you have an idea, pitch me and we can chat about collaborating! You can click here to see my press page or click here to visit my Reviews & Deals page for samples of past work and to get an idea of what a partnership might look like! If you are interested in placing a sidebar ad on my site, you may do so via Beacon Ad Network Who’s reviewing your products? Me, a just-turned-thirty year old Atlanta mom who loves crafting, cooking, coffee and cute clothes. My 30-something husband who likes gardening, gadgets and sporty types of things. Our three and a half year old daughter, who can say really important phrases such as ‘I wike dat’ or “I no wike dat.” She’s also incredibly cute. My two nieces, age 5, who I borrow frequently because they are awesome (and what’s the fun of being a blogger if you can’t spoil your nieces with awesome surprises?) A couple of things you should know: If you’d like to run a giveaway I’m happy to handle all of the posting, giveaway selection, and promotion however I am unable to ship prizes to giveaway winners for purposes of liability. Prize fulfillment is solely the responsibility of the brand (so please don’t ship prizes directly to me!) In addition, I adhere closely to FTC regulations and will always properly disclose on a c/o or otherwise compensated post. I’m really good at Wheel Of Fortune. Okay, so you didn’t actually need to know that last thing but it’s true. I’m very good.
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