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KFoods is a privately owned food broking and trading company established in the UK.

We represent very carefully selected food manufacturing partners supplying retail and food service customers.

KFoods is supported by many years of experience in the food sector, from the R&D and production to the marketing and trading of food. We combine business experience with in depth knowledge of the food technology and understanding of the consumer behaviour.
We bring together food manufactures and retailers and we support:
# the commercial activity and trading
# the administration, the supply chain and the customer service
# the tailoring and development of products in order to meet the requests of the retailers
# the production of PL products for supermarkets

What we offer to our customers:

We cooperate with highly regarded suppliers that are able to develop and offer products that match your requests. We only select manufacturing partners that:

# produce competitive products of high standards
# operate under high technical standards and automation
# are specialists in their field and possess high product expertise
# produce innovative products
# are accredited and meet the criteria of the international food production standards (HACCP, ISO 22000, BRC etc.) as well as systems that are specific to the customer (for example TESCO standard)

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    Publisher: Pakistani Recipes | Urdu Recipes Foods | South Indian Cooking Curry Recipes
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    Kfoods.com is the most famous web portal for food lovers and over "Half Million" Foodies visiting us (More than million pageviews) from all over Pakistan. It covers wide range of Pakistani Recipes, South Asian cooking recipes, continental recipes from the desk of experts/chefs, Cooking show videos , health and beauty tips & totkay, cooking classes and also offer vast range of restaurants, cafes and fast foods with their Special Features, Menus, Deals & offers. We help you better to reach your customers: We provide advertisers with a unique opportunity to target their campaign to a highly valuable and marketable audience in food and recipe category. We have a very focused targeted audience, which makes using kfoods.com for finding everyday recipes to very special events, and from renowned chefs to restaurants special deals. Advertising at Kfoods.com: It is a great opportunity to advertise your business to a vast majority across Pakistan. Your advertising message will 100% deliver to target audience of Pakistan.
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    kfoods.com, karachifoods.com
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