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Publisher: Kids Stuff World - where life, love and motherhood connect.
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    Publisher: Kids Stuff World - where life, love and motherhood connect.
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    SPONSOR / ADVERTISE Hi there! I’m so glad you’re considering advertising with Kids Stuff World. ksw logo If you have a shop, blog or website you think would be a good fit for my readers and the feel of this site, then I would love to have you on board. If you are an individual representing a brand or company, that’s cool. There’s a welcome mat here for you too. Your ad doesn’t stop here, Kids Stuff World (KSW) has a large and active audience on many social networks: - OVER 260,000 FRIENDS ON PINTEREST! – 6,000+ TWEEPS ON TWITTER – 4,000 FACEBOOK PALS – 1,500+ RSS & GFC SUBSCRIBERS – 908 INSTAGRAM SIDEKICKS CURRENT AS OF JUN 2013/ KSW IS STEADILY GROWING, PRICES WILL ADJUST OVER TIME TO REFLECT THAT GROWTH I want advertising to be as easy as possible for both of us. All you have to do is find the ad below best suited to your price range and click Buy Now. Really, that’s it! After a quick approval process from me, you’ll be on your way to to meeting the coolest audience on the whole darn web (if I do say so myself) Want to advertise, but need help creating an ad or button? No problem, I will work one on one with you to create a design that compliments your product and the feel of my site for an additional $10 (that’s a steal) If you have questions about anything or want to double check to see if you are a right fit for KSW, please don’t hesitate to send me a quick email. I’ll get back to you as soon as I can. AD SPACES CURRENTLY AVAILABLE * any ad placed must be family friendly, well made & well designed as well as the product it is advertising. If I do not feel the match is right for my audience or where my blog is headed, I reserve the right to decline your ad. Please note, I will only feature ads on my sidebar I stand behind and would be proud to display on the site I have worked so hard to create. $75.00Add to cartTHE HEADLINER 300X300PX BANNER Booked. Starts Oct 16, 2014. Runs for 30 Days, 1 shown at a time Always on top, receiving maximum exposure. This ad spot comes with extra perks like shout outs on social media and 1-2 pins of your product. This spot is first come, first serve and fills up quickly so please contact us if you need something right away. $50.00Add to cartFRONT & CENTER 300X250PX BANNER Only 2 left! Starts Aug 23, 2014. Runs for 30 Days, 4 shown at a time Prominent ads that shuffle with each page view so everyone gets the best exposure! $35.00Add to cartALLOW ME TO INTRODUCE MYSELF 300X135PX BANNER Only 5 left! Starts Aug 23, 2014. Runs for 30 Days, 5 shown at a time Clean, large billboard style ads to introduce you to the coolest readers on the web at a bargain rate. $15.00Add to cartMINI SIZE 150X150PX BANNER Available now. Starts Aug 23, 2014. Runs for 30 Days, 6 shown at a time These bite size ads are perfect for bloggers and etsy shops, and offered at a reasonable price you can afford because we love you! Note: This spot does not guarantee a post or any social media coverage. Please contact me if you would like to arrange something custom to your needs.
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