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KiniBiz goes beyond the spin and the hype to smash through existing barriers with independent, fast, and incisive business and economics news to discerning readers.

We break news, analyse it, dissect the complexities and comment unflinchingly. We unravel and reveal the players behind the scenes and put things in the right context. We shed some light.

We feel there is a gap to be filled in the coverage of business news and we aim to fill that gap. It would take effort and it would be a different kind of editorial stance from what we have seen before in the coverage of Malaysian business news.

KiniBiz is a complete portal for business news which means that we closely follow foreign business news as well, especially those which have a major impact on the average citizen and this region. We carefully select the news, analysis and commentary here, too.

We need a steady stream of income to be able to provide this – not much but enough. Unfortunately in online news, advertising alone won’t do it. Which is why we have opted for paid subscription after a short period of free trial. It is likely to be less than a ringgit a day. Also, without undue dependence on advertising we can afford to be more independent.

KiniBiz is jointly owned by Malaysiakini – whose founders and major shareholders are Steven Gan and Premesh Chandran – and journalist P Gunasegaram.

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    INFLUENCE THE INFLUENCERS page-advertist-number Staying informed and forming opinions is the daily bread of Professionals, Managers, Executives and Business owners (PMEBs). In the digital age, this means reading the most accurate and insightful news on their screens – phones, tablets and laptops. Advertising on KiniBiz provides a space for brands to reach these discerning readers on a platform that reflects truth and integrity. Distinctly labeled, advertising is placed prominently, without becoming overbearing. The majority of our readers are likely to be high income, well educated, heavy Internet users, reside in Malaysia, aged 30 to 50. They are likely to be making decisions and influencing others on investment, purchase of property, travel and hospitality choices, automobile selection, healthcare, gadgets and other buying decisions. There are three options to reach Kinibiz readers. Premium positions consist of above the fold ‘cover’ on the front page (1300 x 500 px) and ‘sticky leaderboards’ (728 x 90 px) on the story pages. These are sold on a per day basis, with volume discounts. Please email us for a quote. Frontpage leaderboards (728 x 90 px) and medium boxes (300 x 250) run at RM 50 and RM 30 per CPM. Story pages leaderboards (728 x 90 px) and medium boxes run at RM 40 and RM 20 per CPM respectively. Enjoy volume discounts for buys over RM 10,000. Contact us below for more information and a quote from KiniBiz. Chia Ting Ting E-Mail: tingting@malaysiakini.com Tel: +60196652392 KiniBiz Promotion For SMEs Don’t miss the deal! Advertise your product to your target audience now at affordable price. Enjoy 30 days advertising in KiniBiz homepage and section page for RM 2000 or RM 4000 ONLY! Email us now for SME Ad Package: advertise@malaysiakini.com
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