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La Silla Vacia (The Empty Chair)
The Empty Chair | News, stories, discussion, blogs and multimedia on power in Colombia
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The Empty Chair is an informative and interactive medium for people interested in Colombian politics today. Rather than covering the news of the day and attend press conferences, we focus on those stories that really describe how power is exercised in Colombia: the characters who pull the strings of power, on strategies to achieve and maintain, in the ideas and interests that underlie major decisions in the country. This medium is funded by a generous grant from the Open Society Institute. The main objective of this medium is to do good journalism. One who is in the place where things happen and that can tell because he was there or because they spoke with the players; rather than making judgments seek to raise questions; rather than simplify things look complejizarlas; more than to please a large audience seek help segment opinion makers understand the national policy; more be in power seek to reveal how it operates; rather than ally with one faction we will include as many voices. Rather than recount specific events are connections between events.

we promise not to show all sides so as to reflect the closest version to the truth because we know that many times a part is more right than another.
We do not look both at the official and symbolic world of power and the real. Our priorities are actions, not statements of the powerful. This is marked by the information gathered at the point of newsgathering environment. This means journalists have a strong voice product of his research, not ideology or activism. We believe in finding out the facts and these take precedence over our personal positions on the government, political or power in question. In this way we are passionate about politics. And we seek to reflect that fascination and curiosity in our stories. We try to be as interesting as it is to talk to journalists who cover them.

We try to inform our readers our doubts, reportería gaps we have, what we do not know and all we know. explicitly we rectify when we're wrong. Transparency is one of our guiding principles. The opinions of our users are taken into account and inform our work because in addition to constitute ourselves as a primary source of information our ultimate goal is to provide those interested in public life an interesting platform talk about the present and future of the country.

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    The Empty Chair | News, stories, discussion, blogs and multimedia on power in Colombia
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