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    The Internet, it appears, is here to stay. Everyone, from the littlest kids to their grandparents are getting to be “net savvy.” More hours are spent on-line than ever before, where information, entertainment, and communications are readily accessible with the click of a mouse. By December 2005, 75% of suburban and 73% of rural Internet users were on-line at least once a day. By April 2006, 77% of the US population was estimated to be on-line. By August 2006, US broadband penetration was estimated at 75%, making fast, convenient access available to most Internet users. At the same time, more and more people are going on-line for their daily news. As far back as 2002, it was reported that 62% of the general population were going on-line for their local news. Forbes, in February 2005, reported, “People may decreasingly read news from branded and trusted newspapers, but, surveys show, they do want to read it from them online.” If Online News is the new frontier, what are the advantages of getting your local news on the Internet? Here are a few of the obvious ones: It’s free to the viewer - there’s no subscription fee like with a printed newspaper. The next page is only a click away from easy-to-use menus - no fumbling with cumbersome newsprint. There is no newsprint to store or dispose – you can print a story only if you choose. Most past stories are immediately available from on-line archives – past issues aren’t forever lost after being thrown out in the trash. You can immediately notify distant friends and family of interesting stories via email – share interesting or exciting stories with people anywhere, even half-way around the globe. There are many high quality, high-resolution color photos – no more grainy, hard-to-see pictures. All photos, are immediately available to view and buy on-line, if you want a personal copy of that special photo. An Internet newspaper offers instant two-way communication – via personal feedback and interaction through polls, article comments, and letters-to-the editor. It’s immediately available, 24/7 - you don’t have to wait a day or two for an important story to appear. Priority New Alerts can immediately notify you of breaking news in the area – your computer and Lake Chelan Online News will let you know what’s going on as soon as it happens, even at 2 am. It’s just a matter of having your cup of morning coffee in front of your PC, instead of at the breakfast table…
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