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Life in a House of Testosterone
Publisher: Life in a House of Testosterone - Chaos has never been this Organized!
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    Publisher: Life in a House of Testosterone - Chaos has never been this Organized!
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    About Kim Miller I am the mother of three children – a daughter (25) and two sons (14 and 10). I reside in Mechanicsville, a suburb of Richmond, with the Man Thing, our two sons and the family dog, a Jack Russell/Chihuahua mix, Mollyanna. The Man Thing brings home the bacon and I take care of everything else! I am passionate about quite a few things – and my blog reflects that. We are a techie family (except for the Man Thing who knows how to answer his phone and that’s about it) and love trying out the latest technology from games to computers and everything in between! I adore decorating on the cheap and checking out great products from other companies and finding ways to adapt something I have to look as though I spent a million on it! It’s a relatively new passion of mine, but one that I’m sure will grow as our small apartment needs a good makeover! I’ve also developed a love of cooking and spend hours watching Gordon Ramsay, The Chew, Master Chef and our local recipe spots on television for new ideas that I can slide by my finicky eaters! I love entertaining friends and family as well, nothing gets me more giddy than a pretty table and gorgeous centerpiece for the attendees to ooh about! I am also passionate about being a champion for ADD/ADHD children with the outside world – schools, sports, daycare and the like. I have had wonderful experiences with educators and some not-so-wonderful experiences, and I try to keep my readers updated on the struggles that we face during the year so that they are prepared when the same situation arises with their child. Of course, raising two boys means I need to be an expert on entertaining tweens and teens! We love watching movies and playing board games together, and there are endless numbers of fun spots in the metro Richmond area to do throughout the year! What is Life in a House of Testosterone About? I started blogging back in 2004, and LiaH has evolved since then to become about a variety of topics that touch my heart, so there’s a little of something for everyone here!
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