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Listingbook, LLC, based in Greensboro, N.C., provides an online technology platform and patented client management system that allows real estate agents to provide their buyers and sellers the industry's best search experience, including real-time MLS data and public records, the ability to view their customers' search activities and collaborate with them online, and to easily and automatically provide other information and tools to help clients find the perfect home or market their property.

Listingbook has 70 MLS clients and is available to 60 percent of agents nationwide. More than 175,000 real estate agents and 1.4 million home buyers and sellers have Listingbook accounts and over one million unique visitors log on to Listingbook each month.

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    Listingbook is quickly being adopted as the new way for real estate agents and their clients to work together to buy and sell homes. With data straight from the source (The MLS), Listingbook offers its users updated, comprehensive and meaningful information on listings in their real estate market. Offering advertisers the ability to reach home buyers and sellers in any stage of the real estate transaction, Listingbook.com provides them with a solution to their marketing needs. Listingbook.com reaches the most qualified moving audience on the internet. A user can not gain access to Listingbook without a login and password provided to them by their REALTOR . This makes our users "agent qualified" and provides advertisers the opportunity to reach a highly targeted, engaged audience who is very serious about moving.
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