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Publisher: Literary Winner - Bringing you all the winners...from books to giveaways!
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    Publisher: Literary Winner - Bringing you all the winners...from books to giveaways!
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    My name is Maggie Castelluccio, the creator of the blog Literary Winner. I married my computer geek husband in 2004. I am a SAHM to a girl born in April 2006, a boy born in May 2008, and a baby girl born in Feburary 2013. We live just outside NYC in suburban Rockland County,NY. You may be wondering where the name of “Literary Winner” came from. Well, I’m an avid reader and love sharing new books with my readers. I also love entering giveaways and of course, winning! And a “literary winner”, a book that is stupendous that I absolutely adore, is the best win of all. So this title focuses on two of my favorite things – books and giveaways. Reviews: It can take about 4 weeks for me to complete and publish a review but if there is a specific time frame you’d like me to publish within it can be discussed. I will link to your website and the product whenever possible. If you have specific keywords you’d like me to use, just let me know. I also try to include a few images from the product website and images of me and/or my family actually using the product. I cannot return items that have been sent for review. Giveaways: My readers also adore giveaways (as do I!). I currently use various giveaway widgets like Rafflecopter and Giveaway Tools to manage my giveaway entries. Giveaways can be any duration that you wish but I generally try to have them run about 2 weeks. Throughout that time period, your giveaway is entered into various giveaway listings. It is also tweeted by a network of blogger friends and by the giveaway entrants themselves for another entry. While I encourage entrants to follow you on Twitter and like you on Facebook, I find that most entrants prefer to have those as optional/extra entries. I ask that all giveaway prizes be fulfilled by you, either physically or electronically (for instance, with an e-gift card). If a giveaway is coupled with a review, then there is no charge for the giveaway. I’m also open to sponsored posts. This can involve providing the exact copy you would like me to post or just supplying topics, links and keywords. Please contact me for rates for sponsored posts. Please note that any post where I receive payment and/or product from the advertiser, be it money or product, will contain “nofollow” links. This is in accordance with Google’s policy on page rank and links for advertising. Also, these posts will contain full disclosure of the relationship between Literary Winner and the sponsor, as per FTC regulations. Please feel free to contact me via email so we can chat!
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