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    I’m a mom and a wife. Wait a second, that’s not all I am! Any woman that has been described as a mom and a wife feels this way. I was someone before I was a wife and a mom. I had a life, I swear.

    I was working on Martha’s Vineyard the summer before I graduated from Texas Tech, where I met my husband. Knowing a good man when I meet one, I shoved my last three semesters into two, graduated Dean’s List, then hightailed it back to Massachusetts two days after they handed me my diploma. We’ve been together 20 years.

    I’m a mom (insert air quotes here) into being green. This runs the risk of sounding vague, I know. I don’t can or preserve anything, I don’t sew, knit, quilt or crochet. I do not home school or go to church. There are times when I yell at my kids. Sometimes I do not even serve vegetables with dinner. If I choose to cook dinner. (I have no room for mom-snobbery.)

    I am trying to teach my kids a level of responsibility for their actions, and that is truly a broad statement. It starts with this family and works its way out to the planet. I’m learning, too. Sometimes I lapse when I think no one is watching and hope the greenie gods don’t strike me down (when I was a child, I would see people sneak out of church service for a smoke and I would watch, fascinated, waiting for the Lord to smite them).

    Please feel free to contact me at Helga@LiveGreenMom.com

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