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    ADVERTISE GorJess and LoveLee: "Erin is such a gem! I was beyond impressed with her level of communication throughout the process as well as her prompt posting of my product. I was so satisfied with my in post product feature, I quickly sold out of the featured item! I can't wait to work with her again. Above all else, she's pretty awesome person!" Leah from EatPrayWearLove: "Sponsoring LIY was the best decision I have made as a blogger! Erin was not only friendly and helpful to work with, but increased my followers by hundreds! If you are looking to expand your readership, Erin is your girl!" Karli from September Farm: "I like to do things in lists - 1. I received about a trillion (over 5k) pageviews the day and day after my featured post went live. 2. I received over 100 new readers on bloglovin'. 3. I sold 15 ad spaces that week. All in all, I would say that's pretty darn successful. I owe a lot of that to Erin's glorious write up and awesome readers…and I mean, my blog isn't too bad either. :)" $150.00Add to cartIn Post Banner Ad 600x100px Banner Booked. Starts Oct 2, 2014. Runs for 30 Days, 1 shown at a time AVAILABLE TO BOTH BLOGS AND SHOPS Looking for maximum exposure for 30 days straight? This ad space is the one for you! Your 600×100 banner will be displayed at the bottom of every single blog post for thirty days straight. This banner ad offers maximum exposure as it will appear on every form of blog reader. This spot also comes with the opportunity to be featured in a blog post in the form of an interview [for bloggers] or product feature [for shops]. Social media love is included as well. $100.00Add to cartIn Post Product Feature With Giveaway 200x300px Banner Booked. Starts Jul 14, 2014. Runs for 30 Days, 4 shown at a time AVAILABLE TO SHOPS ONLY If you are looking for optimal exposure for your brand/business this option is for you! Your shop and product(s) will be featured solely on a high traffic day [Monday-Thursday]. I will feature your product or service with 2-4 professional photos, links, and promo codes. You also have the option to offer a giveaway which will helps increase site views and social media followers. This spot comes with a 200×300 sidebar button located at the top of the left sidebar for optimal exposure for 30 days. Mentions of your shop will also take place on Living In Yellow’s Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest pages reaching an audience of over 21,000. $60.00Add to cartIn Post Product Feature Post Available now. AVAILABLE TO SHOPS ONLY. If you have an item that you think my readers would love, I would be honored to feature it in a regularly written post complete with 1-3 professional photos, a link to your shop, and a promo code if you so desire. Your shop/product will also be mentioned on Living In Yellow’s Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest pages reaching an audience of over 21,000. Once this option is booked I will email you with further instructions. The item will be featured on Living In Yellow within 4 weeks upon booking. $30.00Add to cartSidebar Ad Only 200x200px Banner Booked. Starts Aug 27, 2014. Runs for 30 Days, 10 shown at a time AVAILABLE TO BLOGS AND SHOPS Looking for added exposure to your blog or shop for 30 days straight? This option comes with a 200×200 sidebar button which will be located on my right sidebar and shuffled upon each page load for optimal exposure. Ads by Passionfruit
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