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Publisher: LI Trends - Your premier print publication to what's trending on Long Island!
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    Publisher: LI Trends - Your premier print publication to what's trending on Long Island!
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    Long Island Trends (or “Trends” for short) is a premier print publication serving Long Island communities since March 2008 but we’re new to the web so we thought this would be an excellent opportunity to introduce ourselves. What is Long Island Trends? Long Island Trends is a lifestyle publication with a strong community news presence that’s mailed monthly in 17 editions to almost 400,000 people. The Trends publication is also racked at 500 locations approximately. Shopping, local events, arts and entertainment, the outdoors and the culture of each city are top priorities for Long Island Trends. 55 Years of LI Experience. Trends is the sister publication to one of Long Island’s most recognized papers: Long Island Pennysaver, a trusted source for community news since 1958. Our Mission & Vision. Long Island Trends is on a mission to explore and discover the best people, places and things on Long Island. We feel there’s so much happening that a lot of great things get overlooked. Every event, business and movement on Long Island has a purpose. We want what’s most important to Long Islanders and our visitors to be accessible. We believe this mission is best-served in collaboration with all of Long Island. A connected and informed, Island-wide movement that everyone can call their own. So, let’s work together. FREE ADVERTISING – CO-OP Advertising, in a word, is… CO-OPERATION Our staff of Co-Op professionals recognize the unique partnership that exists between our advertisers and America’s manufacturers.WE COMPLETE THE CYCLE…We research, plan, place advertising and file reimbursement claims for our advertisers.ALL AT NO CHARGE! We will help you find advertising dollars you may not be aware of!
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