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Love The Skinnys
Publisher: Love, The Skinnys - An Arizona Lifestyle + Fashion Blog
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    Publisher: Love, The Skinnys - An Arizona Lifestyle + Fashion Blog
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    Advertise Advertising: Love, The Skinnys now offers advertising! All of my sponsors will be treated like the kings and queens they are with social media shout outs, opportunities for spotlights, and love from me. Let me know what I can do to help your blog. This is a community and I want to help others like those before me have helped! Product Reviews: I would love to feature your business on my blog and link back to all the sites you desire! All items will be labeled with your companies name and the links to you provide. All items sent to me will not be returned. All reviews will be my personal opinions. Giveaways: If you would like to get MORE traffic to your shop or business a giveaway is a great option. I will give a brief description of your business and what you are about, introduce the item being given away, and include all the links and photos you would like. If you have any other giveaway ideas I would be happy to collaborate to help best promote your business! Real Sponsors: “I loved sponsoring Love, The Skinnys. Why? Because she TRULY cares about you. She kept in contact with me all month making sure I was satisfied and happy with my results. Genuine shout out, and new friends from guest posting on her blog, I will definitely be back to sponsor again!” – Brooklyn from A Little Too Jolley “I enjoyed sponsoring Love, The Skinnys recently, and felt that she was very responsive. I enjoyed that she not only promoted my blog, but also answered any questions I had. I’ve sponsored blogs before, where they never once thanked me for sponsoring or check in with me at all during the whole month. That saddened me, and I was very impressed with how involved Deidre is with her sponsors.” – Kate from Green Fashionista If you are interested in these options email me & I would love to discuss! lovetheskinnys [at] gmail [dot] comStatistics as of || August 1, 2013 GFC Followers 930 Average Page Views Per Month 25,000 Instagram Followers 707 Twitter Followers 711 Pinterest Followers 842 Facebook Fans 272 New Viewers 47% Returning Viewers 53% $8.00Add to cartSidebar 300x100px Banner Booked. Starts Aug 31, 2014. Runs for 1 Month, 3 shown at a time All sponsors will be rotated. One Fashion Fits Everyone feature during the month option. Special Spotlight Post. 1-3 Social Media Shout outs weekly. Giveaway option. Group Sponsor Spotlight option. $10.00Add to cartCompany Sponsorship 300x150px Banner Only 1 left! Starts Jul 6, 2014. Runs for 1 Month, 10 shown at a time Any brands or shops interested in advertising with Love, The Skinnys can purchase this spot. Details for collaboration will be finalized through email – lovetheskinnys@gmail.com $10.00Add to cartSidebar Feature 300x150px Banner Booked. Starts Aug 1, 2014. Runs for 1 Month, 1 shown at a time Placed on top of all ads. One personal post during the month. One Fashion Fits Everyone feature during the month. Special Spotlight Post. 3-5 Social Media Shout outs weekly. Giveaway option. Group Sponsor Spotlight option. $5.00Add to cartSocial Media Mentions Mention Available now. This blogger will be included in 7-10 social media posts over the next month. Price includes all Love, The Skinnys social media accounts.
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