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    Name: Amee Height: 5ft 6in Weight : My jeans fit Bats: With Authority Throws: Self described Ace with an Attitude Born: In the 30-30 club Home: Virginia, Not Martha Stewart like Dating style known on the Single Team as : Ate Him Up… Current status: Under lifetime Contract with bases loaded Amee is a long ball threat with a sassy attitude to match. She will hit you between the eyes with the truth and tell you if you “shouldn’t wear that” and he isn’t “into you.” She believes in being adored and moving on if your not. She has glitter running through her veins and is an over-sharer by nature. She dreams of being a match-maker. She has hit several home runs in life and never had a strike out. She currently resides happily with her husband and three children. Name: Mary Beth Height: 5’3 Weight: Not enough for blood donation Bats: with caution and grace Throws: down a mean banana pudding Born: The Old Dominion Home: Where the Army sends us Current Status: Hitched! Mary Beth is a sweet Southern belle, full of attitude and honey. Legally Single Legally Single Height: with or without heel? Bats: Her eyelashes Throws: The law Born: In the 30-30 club Home: Witness Protection (you haven’t read all of her blog entries yet) Training: Conference Rooms & Courtrooms. She’s a sweetheart by nature. Put her in the room with a witness and they’ll be telling her their deepest darkest secrets in the first 5 minutes. But when she needs to be, she’s tough as nails. Put her up against the most seasoned litigator and she’ll win every time.Status: Single & Accepting Applications. She’s single and she knows what she wants. She’s looking but she won’t settle, so she’s gathering lots of good stories along the way. She’s sassy, sarcastic, sometimes cynical, but always real. She’s going to take her dates to Dating Court for you and generally share her thoughts and musings on dating and the single life. Name: Long Legs Height- six feet flat Weight- holding steady since the mid nineties Bats- straight down the middle Born- on a sunny day in the Sunshine State Home-Miami Current Status- Free Agent Currently a professional graduate student Long Legs and Long Stories believes in life-long learning and growth. Believing there is still someone out there to help her take on this world, she continues to date, no matter how painful. TEAM HE: Name: The Man Height: 6 foot 3 inches tall Weight: 220 pounds of solid rock Age: Old enough to give an opinion that matters Status: Happily Married Interesting Fact: Hung like a Horse About: Graduate of James Madison University (THE university of virginia), where a population of 65% females made it a boy’s dream to learn about women. DC resident for 5 years, where you must have REAL game to pick up a high class lady! Married a mixed race Asian, who speaks 3 languages (my choice in the bedroom). What man doesn’t wish they had that?! She fell in love with me not because of my green money, but because of my green eyes and my magic stick! For women who want to know how men think I am here to help, like it or not. For men, who need to find love or casual sex, just listen and learn.
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