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    Publisher: Loveland Breaking News
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    Loveland Breaking News is for you Loveland. Loveland is a center of activity in Loveland, and the most updated reliable news about Loveland is being reported by our neighbors. We are your real time media source and we’re chronicling everything that’s happening in Loveland, as it’s happening! Events, Restaurants, Shopping Deals, Politics, Sports & a host of other topics of interest, Loveland Breaking News has it all covered… just for you. Loveland Breaking News curates the best Twitter feeds to show what is happening in Loveland, CO in real time… that means now. As local newsprint becomes scarce, more local news will be sourced by the social media. The people in our communities will inform us and report our local stories. Stay in-the-know by following us on Twitter, on Facebook, or right here on this website. Be sure and let us know who you are…We’ll add you to our lists if you’re tweeting out great local news, too! About Brian Kinkade and The Kinkade Team at Brokers Guild – Cherry Creek Ltd: Your Curators Loveland Breaking News is a community service provided courtesy of Brian Kinkade and the Kinkade Team at Brokers Guild – Cherry Creek Ltd. We are your Denver real estate team. We know Loveland!
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