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    I’m Chelsea. I started Lovely Indeed in September of 2010, shortly after my husband proposed. I needed a way to organize my thoughts, plans, and projects for our very DIY wedding, and a blog seemed like the best way to do it. So I called it Lovely Indeed (because isn’t life lovely?) and got the ball rolling, having no clue or plan about what it might eventually be. Come to think of it, I still don’t. I like that it has a life of its own, and is driven by the little lovely things that my husband and I come across in our everydays. It’s really a blog about how if you just look around a bit, you’ll notice that life really is quite lovely. I just relocated to my home state of California, and before that I was a singer and an actor in NYC. Musical theatre is my jam, I’m continuing to pursue regional theatre in sunny Southern California. I’m originally from the Central Valley and consider myself very much a California girl, so while I loved the Big Apple, I was always wishing for a little more space and a little less chaos. My husband (we call him Mr. Lovely around here) spends his days doing a little acting, a little web design, and a little theatrical marketing — we like to be well-rounded in these parts. A few more things: I’ll see any show (even the awful ones) at least once. You could never go wrong by giving me candy. Any candy. There is no better feeling that being by the ocean — preferably the Pacific one. I happen to have the most brilliant and beautiful niece out of all the nieces. And since I was ten, I’ve been Bette Midler’s biggest fan. There. Now we’re old friends.
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