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Publisher: M is for Monster - Kids Monthly Subscription Boxes, Toddlers Educational Activities
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    Publisher: M is for Monster - Kids Monthly Subscription Boxes, Toddlers Educational Activities
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    Let's face it, we're all short on time. It's hard to be the one who Does-It-All. You want to be the super hero in everyone's life, especially your child's. One of the things most parents pride themselves in is making sure their little one is constantly learning and experiencing new things. But that takes time. Time most of us don't have. It takes hours to plan out activities to do with your child to help them learn and have fun at the same. You have to go shopping for the supplies, always having to buy more than needed. And then you have to prepare and set up for the activities. Ugh. So exhausting. Enter M is for Monster! With just a few presses on your keyboard, you will be getting monthly lesson plans with all the materials and supplies needed to create the fun, learning environment you strive to maintain for your child. You still get the one on one time with your child while teaching them colors, shapes, letters and numbers and they get day after day of new fun activities they can do over and over again! For just $5.75 a week, you can save yourself time from having to plan and money from buying extra supplies you don't need. Order your kit today and see how excited you AND your child get when they receive their M is for Monster box in the mail!
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