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Macau.com is an award-winning online travelers’ resource for a reason: It is complete. Site visitors find the best deals on travel services and inside scoops on hotels, trip packages, shopping, entertainment and dining in Macau. They can pick a language and learn all there is to know about enjoying Macau – from booking hotel rooms to buying show tickets, reserving a table at a restaurant, renting a car or teeing off at a favorite golf course.

Macau.com’s services target Macau-bound travelers coming from Mainland China, Hong Kong and the high-growth tourist areas of Southeast Asia, Taiwan, Australia, Japan and Korea. Because Macau is a hub of tourism in Southern China, Macau.com also offers hotel and transportation services to Hong Kong, Zhuhai, Shenzhen, Guangzhou and other regional destinations.

Macau.com has a swift and secure booking engine and offers visitors several payment methods in multiple currencies. Your advertising presence on the site enhances your chance of the visitors paying you at the end of the day.

Where do you want Macau’s visitors to stay, eat, shop or be entertained? Your branding ads or sponsored listings on Macau.com centrally position your company to influence those decisions.

To assist inquiring travelers, our call center is staffed with travel specialists for offline sales and support. The goal is to help online visitors move beyond exploring travel… to actually travel to Macau.

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    Macau’s foremost destination marketing and travel company. The company provides one-stop, online booking for hotel accommodation, ferries, shows, travel activities and packaged tours. As a Macau-based expert, Macau.com serves the city's booming tourism market and excels as the most reliable and up-to-the-minute travel information and booking center for anyone interested in and wishing to discover the rapidly expanding entertainment and leisure activities of Macau. The vast database of travel and destination information at Macau.com provides answers to visitors with varied interests and from many countries. The secure and technologically advanced booking engine facilitates the distribution of the company’s many travel products and the multi-language website makes Macau.com a user-friendly source for trip-planning tools to Macau. Macau.com is not just about access to online information, the company also provides numerous guidebooks and travel publications which visitors can take on their journey.
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