Mobile Ad & Affiliate Network: Cross industry global affiliate network
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    Mobile Ad & Affiliate Network: Cross industry global affiliate network
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    With more people now using mobile as their primary route to online information and services, advertising on these devices is a valuable part of your marketing strategy and lets you target customers directly into their hands. At Madvert we give you, the Advertiser, the tools to generate traffic, engage with customers, connect with mobile affiliate publishers and optimise conversions; helping you embrace the Mobile Marketing Revolution. The self-serve platform allows you to easily create CPM, CPC, CPA, Revenue Share or Hybrid advertising campaigns deployed via the wider Madvert Ad Network or through Platform Affiliate Publishers. For each campaign you can set daily budgets allowing you to manage funds throughout the duration it is on offer. To give you greater control when using the Affiliate Network you can decide whether you want to auto-approve the affiliate or individually review and accept them as promoters. As an Advertiser it is essential to maximise your ROI by targeting the correct customer base so at Madvert we provide the option to target users by interest, geographic location, network operating system and handset manufacturer. Advertisers can also make use of Madvert’s mobile site and landing page builder which can create pages optimised for any internet enabled mobile device (not just smartphones!). What’s more the site builder features built in A/B testing technology allowing you to test various creatives in real-time to help optimise your conversions. Another valuable piece to the Platform is our advanced SMS management tool, allowing you to engage with your existing contacts and schedule SMS broadcasts via a selection of global routes. The live campaign activity is reported in real-time in the Analytics Zone so you can adapt and amend the campaign parameters to deliver Return On Investment (ROI) against your desired targets as necessary. Madvert gives you the tools and the control you need to make Mobile Marketing easy.
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