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Publisher: Home | Malama Auctions & AppraisalsMalama Auctions & Appraisals | THE ONLY LIVE AUCTION HOUSE ON KAUAI!
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    Publisher: Home | Malama Auctions & AppraisalsMalama Auctions & Appraisals | THE ONLY LIVE AUCTION HOUSE ON KAUAI!
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    The Genovese Family started in the business of live auctions in 2002, in California. Starting with small auctions held at temporary sites, with only 50-100 people in attendance. Within months there was a series of auctions being held in multiple cities through out California between Fresno and Orange County. Soon thereafter, a permanent auction house was established in Bakersfield, California where auctions were held bi-weekly with hundreds in attendance. Who is Malama Auctions & Appraisals? John Genovese Jr., GPPA and son John John Genovese III, ATS are international accredited auctioneers, honorary Colonels, and experienced business professionals with certifications from the NAA, National Auctioneers Association. Including formal education for: ATS (Auctioneer Technology Specialist) http://www.auctioneers.org/designations/ats, BAS (Benefit Auctioneer Specialist) http://www.auctioneers.org/designations/bas, GPPA (Graduate Personal Property Appraiser) http://www.auctioneers.org/designations/gppa, Government recognized USPAP (Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice) http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Uniform_Standards_of_Professional_Appraisal_Practice. Also registered with other national associations The Genovese’s have long been established as business men with a true Aloha spirit. Providing leadership of their industry wherever they are located by working with Local Community events, Charity events, and Non-Profit organizations, Malama Auctions & Appraisals attempts to always give back to the community however possible. Col. John John Talks about what it means to be an Auctioneer, and why he does it. Cookie David whitley ralph wade divider What kind of Auctions does Malama Auctions & Appraisals conduct? We conduct various types of auctions that are either private or open to the public, and advertise in our events calendar unless otherwise specifically requested. These auctions include but are not limited to: Real Estate Charity/Benefit Events Private Event Auto Estate Sale Art Auctions Livestock Foreclosure Repossession Government Seizures Storage Unit Consignment Items Business Liquidations Click the buttons below to get the details on our main services. benefit-auctionsestate-sale-auctions real-estate-auto-auctionsstorage-auctions divider Where is Malama Auctions & Appraisals? Now relocated, the Genovese family has started a new auction house and consignment store in the city of Lihue, HI, located on the Island of Kauai. Malama Auctions & Appraisals specializes in on site events, and are capable of holding an auction at any location. Business location is at: 3215 Kuhio Hwy Lihue HI 96766 View Larger Map divider How Can Malama Auctions & Appraisals help you? Would you like to talk to the Auctioneers? How about getting tips and training on bidding? Perhaps you would like to know about how to listen to the Auctioneers call? Do you want to schedule an auction? want to know how to register to bid at the next auction, or be put on the list to know when the upcoming public auctions are being held? If you are interested in how you can sell you items at auction, or would like to know the Turnaround time to sell your items? Do you want to sell your items to the whole world, and have your event to stand out from all the rest? Would you like a free consultation on how to raise money instead of spending money when moving or relocating? Are you trying to raise the most funds for your charity or Benefit event? Contact us and let us answer all your questions!
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