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    Work with Me Let’s work together…I promise I’m super fun/awesome and will bake you muffins :) I’m available for: 1. Sponsorship: Sponsor me yo! Let’s get more exposure for your lovely business. Contact me if you want to advertise on my blog! 2. Food writing/Recipe Development: I would love to work with a variety of food brands to help develop exciting new recipes while sharing fun stories. 3. Baking/Cooking: If you are looking to throw a small get together and need some yummy sweets or savory dishes, hit me up! I’m available for smaller, more intimate catering jobs. 4. Brand Ambassador: I am your girl! I would love to represent your brand! 5. Travel/Excursions/Itty bitty trips 25 minutes outside of town: I would love to represent your brand as a travel food photographer and writer. Hit me up and we can make it happen! P.S. If you want to send me to Italy on a week long tour of the coast so I can try new wines and eat bowls and bowls of gelato…I’d totally be okay with that ;) Mangia has been featured on/seen around the web: She Knows Canada (10 Single Serving Dessert Recipes) Barney Butter Best Friends For Frosting (Creative Coconut Treats) Paleo Grubs (18 Yummy Paleo Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipes) Go Dairy Free Live Well 360 Gourmantine’s Blog The Ascent Blog Feed Your Soul Too Family Fresh Cooking (Double Almond Butter Cookie recipe at bottom of page on Paleo Cookie Recipe Links) Cooking Up A Storm Recipe Archive Wait, Are Those Cookies? Easy Lovely Green Killer Bunnies Inc. Design Crush
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