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Marin Mama Cooks
Publisher: Marin Mama Cooks — Tasty foods for families
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    Publisher: Marin Mama Cooks — Tasty foods for families
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    Hi, and welcome to Marin Mama Cooks! My name is Jacquelyn and I’m a mom to 2 adorable kids, Zoe and Eli. Do I think I’m an expert at cooking? No way, I’m not a trained chef by any means, but just a mom who loves to cook healthy and delicious meals for her family. I love experimenting and trying new recipes and this is my venue to do just that. I try and find recipes that are fairly easy to make and replicate. Basically, if I can make something on this blog, then you can. Most of the recipes on my blog are from cookbooks, magazines, friends and other blogs. There are some recipes that I have created on my own through trial and error, but most are adaptations from another source. I only post recipes that my family and I love, as I want to pass on recipes that will hopefully become family favorites in your house. I want this to be your one stop blog, so I try and compile a bunch of family approved recipes ranging from salads, soups and sides to dinner and dessert. Basically if you have similar taste buds to my family and I, then you will like most of the recipes on this blog. I would say that my cooking style is a cross between Ina Garten and Heidi Swanson. I like a balance between comfort and healthy cooking. Life is about balance, so I believe food should be as well.
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