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Master The Art Of Saving
Publisher: Master the Art of Saving - Earn, Save, Spend
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    Publisher: Master the Art of Saving - Earn, Save, Spend
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    Welcome! Master the Art of Saving is a personal finance blog where I share my various encounters with personal finance. I’m kind of starting from the bottom and working my way up—sharing it all with you along the way. From money lessons I learn, ways to save money, easy ways to earn money online, budgeting, tracking spending, saving for retirement, credit reports and scores, and all the other stuff that comes up. I still have a lot to learn but each day I get a little closer. Stay in the loop: Subscribe via Email Subscribe via RSS Follow on Twitter Commenting Policy: I love getting comments and so far I’ve been blessed with amazing readers who leave nothing but nice comments. While I would love for it to never happen, eventually somebody is going to want to leave a nasty/mean comment. I only ask that if you plan to be mean in your comments that it is not directed at others, in short—you can attack me (of course I’d rather you didn’t) but not others. If you violate that, your comment will be deleted. Also, if you have something not nice to say, you can always send me an email instead of leaving a comment. I do my best to respond to each and every comment, and truly appreciate the time you take out of your day to leave them. It always drive me nuts when I take the time to comment on some blogs and they never respond, so I’ll do my best to respond to you even if it’s a simple “thanks.” :-) *with the exception of blog carnivals and giveaways *Please don’t leave links in the comments, it just looks spammy (which means I’ll probably delete the link). If you want me to check out your post or somebody else’s, that’s cool, just send me the link. Most comments that I get with links usually just end up in my spam folder, which I rarely check. Thanks for understanding. Here’s a little bit about me: My name is Jen and I’m 28 (2010) 29 (2011) 30 (2012) 31 (2013) Married to an awesome guy since 2009 (we were engage for 7 years before we got hitched) We have a daughter We also have an adorable baby puppy named Roxy Stay-at-home while my Honey works Live in the Vancouver, WA/Portland, OR area Am terrified of bunnies Love financial stuff Used to totally suck with money (toning it down to save face) Love coupons Favorite Kinds of Movies- Action, Horror (especially Zombies & Vamps), Drama Love to read I’m not a professional money person, but have learned from my mistakes, the mistakes of others, and reading. I love saving money My favorite holiday, aside from my birthday—I swear it should be a holiday, is Christmas Why did I start this blog? Whenever I used to look for info on how to start saving money, I would find stuff like “put 50 bucks in savings every month” and “spend less than you make.” That just wasn’t what I needed. Not everybody can put away 50 bucks a month, and DUH of course we need to spend less than we make. But how when everything is so expensive and we don’t really make very much? So, I thought I could share my adventures with saving on stuff, stretching money and earning money to help make it easier for people. Also, sharing my financial information online helps keep me accountable.
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